Outlook email problems

  osben 10:07 11 Jun 2006


using Outlook XP

When I click on "send/receive" to get my email, in the bottom right of the screen it shows the progress in terms of percentage %

For some time now the retrieval progress has been slow and today the % progress goes up to 50% and stops at that. If I click on "send/recieve" again it will sometimes go to 66% but no further.

I have run the "detect and repair proceedure" just in case there was problem there and it completes satisfactorarily.

Can anyone suggest a cure for this.


  Diodorus Siculus 12:51 11 Jun 2006

Does your ISP provide any form of web access? It could be that there is a large email that is causing Outlook to time out.

  [DELETED] 13:58 11 Jun 2006

Inbox repair possibly click here

  wee eddie 14:19 11 Jun 2006

As Diodorus Siculus says, if you could view your mail on the server, not unlike one does Hotmail.

Then you could identify the individual message, view it, delete it and return to your normal habits.

I'm with BT and my brother sent my a short film, of his sailing holiday, about 4.5MB. That is what I had to do and I downloaded it individually.

  osben 15:56 11 Jun 2006

Hi Guys

Thanks for your input.

After all this it would appear that my ISP was having problems with e-mail. They said they were having problems with their phones as well. Very convenient!!!

VoG™ - Just out of interest, is the utility you suggested part of the "detect and repair" utility in Office XP


  osben 16:11 11 Jun 2006


VoG™ - I looked at the inbox repair utility as you suggested and found scanpst.exe and opened it up. What exactly do you mean by "the name of the personal folders (.pst) and where are they.

I have done a search for all .pst files in files and folders and only .pst files that it produced are in the Photoimpact programme I have on the system. Nothing else.


  [DELETED] 16:13 11 Jun 2006

I have had exactly the same with plusnet today.

  osben 16:19 11 Jun 2006

Hi reddwarfcrew

Same as you - not what they were are they!!

me thinks they are are getting to big now and not really interested in their clients.

The time is coming to move on.


  [DELETED] 17:38 11 Jun 2006

They used to be great (although only been with them for 15 months).

I got maxdsl'd 6 weeks ago and boy is the service poor.

According to all the various websites including BT I should have been able to get 4.6MBs with MaxDSL based on my line stats..... what a joke that was, my best download speeds are now only 1.5MB so I've lost 25% of speed by 'upgrading' to maxDSL.

Plusnet don't seem too interested so I'm going to give it about another month or 2 to see if it's just teething problems and look to move on so I can get back to a stable 2MB nonMAXDSL connection.

Trouble is, who to go to?? There's no LLU where I am in Cov so options are limited.

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