Outlook email duplication problems

  rawprawn 09:51 16 Dec 2011

I am totally baffled, I have Outlook 2007 on my windows 7 computer and since I bought a Mac and also take email on that my Outlook downloads hundreds of emails over and over again. I have unpicked "Leave messages on the server" in Outlook accounts. I have uninstalled MS Office and re installed it. I have to leave messages on the server on my Mac or they all disappear from Mac Mail. Wits end any help please. Thanks RP

  Daveboy 12:41 16 Dec 2011

If either of your machines request messages to be left on server then they will be left. If these messages are all sitting in your inbox then you will d/load them every time. Create folders at server end and get them out of your inbox.

  Woolwell 12:49 16 Dec 2011

It is a problem somewhere with e-mail settings not with Outlook itself so, I'm sorry, but the re-installation was almost certainly unnecessary. Outlook may be downloading them again as they appear to be unread. This may be a setting on the Mac but I don't use a Mac so cannot help there. It could also be a problem with your ISP. Is this Virgin by any chance? If it is open webmail and check the settings (this probably applies to other ISP's too).

Finally for what you are doing (wanting the same e-mails on your Windows7 computer and on the Mac) then you would be probably better off moving from pop to imap.

  rawprawn 12:50 16 Dec 2011

Daveboy, thanks for the reply. If I create new folders at the server and put all the current Inbox in ther won't it empty the inbox in the mac?

  rawprawn 12:55 16 Dec 2011

Wool well my ISP is BT recently become Yahoo, the reason I want the same emails on windows is because it is a laptop and I sometimes use it away from home. I will look and see if I can change it to IMAP

  Woolwell 13:00 16 Dec 2011

imap is the way to go. With imap you can set up folders on either the laptop or the mac and view the same e-mails and probably most importantly all the sent ones. I use imap for my main e-mail account and have it synced with desktop, laptop, ipad and smartphone.

Deleting is different with imap. You have to purge the e-mails from the server. All e-mails are kept on the server and once downloaded on your systems. But are only deleted when they are deleted from the server.

  Woolwell 13:11 16 Dec 2011

ps I understand that it can be difficult to get yahoo's imap settings and it working. See this thread Yahoo imap snags. Although this is better Yahoo imap settings. I am not sure how you actually change from pop to imap with Yahoo.

  rawprawn 13:14 16 Dec 2011

Woolwell, I will see if I can set it up this weekend. Thanks RP

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