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outlook e-mail problem in inbox

  baldyx 18:42 30 Dec 2014

Suddenly under Windows 7 , I cannot open e-mails in Inbox and other folders even though i can see the e-mails listed in Outlook Inbox !

No problem accessing Outlook e-mails under os-x on iMac.

  northumbria61 12:16 31 Dec 2014
  northumbria61 12:18 31 Dec 2014

Or take a look at repairing the problem via Microsoft Support

  baldyx 13:14 31 Dec 2014

I can open the e-mails and other folders in Google Chrome ,the problem is when i login in the Windows internet Explorer.

  northumbria61 17:26 31 Dec 2014

Try clearing your Internet Explorer cache and cookies

  baldyx 14:14 01 Jan 2015

I have cleared the Internet Explorer cache and cookies but the problem persists.

  baldyx 22:43 19 Jan 2015

I cannot see the folder c:\Users\username\AppData... ., however when I try to create the folder, the system says it is already existing!

Could this be reason for the problem i am having with my Outlook e-mails?

p.s my Outlook.pst file is in my Documents folder.

PC: Windows 7, IE 11

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