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  sinewave 13:32 16 Jul 2006

My Motherboard got fried recently due to a power surge from a summer storm.

My local PC shop built me a new PC and fitted my old HD as a slave.

However after re-instaling Office XP on the new HD I can't locate my old contacts (or even Outlook at all) on the old drive!

Any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:26 16 Jul 2006

Do a search for *.pst - that is where Outlook saves its data.

You may need to turn on the hidden files option.

  sinewave 21:45 17 Jul 2006

Cheers Diodorus, I have found the files now with a search but cannot get the Wizard to import data from it's self on the other drive?

The wizard assumes data will be from another programe etc.

Also I can't seem to navigate using explorer to the files either. The search facility confirms they are there but the file name it gives does not correspond to the files found using explorer?

  VoG II 21:49 17 Jul 2006

Just copy the .pst file from your saved copy to where Outlook has created a new .pst and click Yes when asked if you want to overwrite the file.

  sinewave 22:01 17 Jul 2006

Sounds easy but it doesn't show the files at all even with 'show hidded files' enabled!

All I can navigate to is 2 x DAT files and an SRS file, there is no trace of a *.pst file?

  Mad Mick 22:25 17 Jul 2006

Open C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook (substitute Your own name e.g Joe Bloggs) on your old drive and copy the file. Then use that file to replace the .pst file one on your new hard drive. Reboot and your Outlook should be as it was on the old drive. Good Luck!!

Your .pst file should be in the same place on both drives as that is the default location.

  sinewave 23:39 17 Jul 2006

Sorry it just is not there!

I have renamed the two files on the C drive in outlook with a .bac at the end then I copied the three files on the old drive from outlook on to the C drive re-booted and have now lost everything that was on the new outlook inbox!

When I go back into the C drives outlook my re-named files have dissapeared so I cannot un-do what I've just done.

I'll obviously have to get someone in as it's not an easy job although it should be!

  Taff™ 07:24 18 Jul 2006

Do a search for *.bac on your c drive. You must show all hidden files first from the Tools>Folder Options>View tab in Windows Explorer.

By the way - have you opened Outlook on the new computer. The PST file may not be created until you do.

  sinewave 18:20 18 Jul 2006

Hi Taff,

I have found the *bac files now and re-named them back as they were but my new emails recently received are still gone!

If it makes a difference the old drive was running W2K with Office XP.

The new drive is runining XP Home with Office XP.

Does this have any bearing?

Yes I have opened and used Outlook on the new C drive.

I can only find, as previously stated 3 files (2 x DAT's & 1 x SRS) there is no trace of this PST file that I'm told I need?

  Taff™ 07:09 19 Jul 2006

If you used Outlook (Not Express by the way) on the new machine and then copied over the old PST file thereby overwriting the data you will have lost all the recent e-mails. You are left with the "Old e-mails".

The different Operating Systems won`t affect anything. We need a recap on where you are now:

You have an old PST file on your new computer (which you transferred from the old machine) - Which folder is it in? You cannot find the current PST file on the new computer. Tell us where the DAt & SRS files are stored on this machine.

Post back and we`ll try and sort it. I may be busy today but someone else will jump in as before.

  wee eddie 08:25 19 Jul 2006

If not, what have you on the old HDD? Does it appear to contain all your old stuff?

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