Outlook Calendar Not Syncing with Gmail Account

  SURVEY 08:51 05 Aug 2014

Suddenly my Outlook 2010 calendar is giving an error message 'Error syncing our calendar; Error code 2016'. MS Help is useless. Can anyone please help me here. I have used system restore, set up another calendar but no way can I get the sync back.

  SURVEY 09:00 05 Aug 2014

Just read a note on this Forum - 'Google is stopping the sync function support with Outlook effective August 1, 2014'. This didn't pop up when I was googling Outlook sync yesterday. Is it true and would explain why whatever I try, there is now no sync! I do like the Outlook calendar as it is easy to access together with my various email addresses in one place.

So what now?

  SURVEY 21:03 06 Aug 2014

At present I have moved over to a google calendar on my PC and am able to sync this with my android calendar function. Its not ideal and I will investigate the outlook app.

Incidentally, annoyingly the outlook calendar is still trying to sync with google and this is becasue there is a google sync program installed on the PC. It is suggetsed that one removes this on Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel. If I do this will it only affect outlook syncing (which would remove the annoying pop-up notices saying outlook cannot sync, OR would it also stop the google calendar syncing with my android google calendar?

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