Outlook Calendar Not Syncing with Gmail Account

  SURVEY 08:51 05 Aug 2014

Suddenly my Outlook 2010 calendar is giving an error message 'Error syncing our calendar; Error code 2016'. MS Help is useless. Can anyone please help me here. I have used system restore, set up another calendar but no way can I get the sync back.

  SURVEY 09:00 05 Aug 2014

Just read a note on this Forum - 'Google is stopping the sync function support with Outlook effective August 1, 2014'. This didn't pop up when I was googling Outlook sync yesterday. Is it true and would explain why whatever I try, there is now no sync! I do like the Outlook calendar as it is easy to access together with my various email addresses in one place.

So what now?

  Woolwell 10:43 05 Aug 2014

One of the reasons that I moved away from an android phone was the poor sync with Outlook Calendar. Google used to have a free app which worked well for one way sync but they withdrew that a couple of years ago. Business users cold pay for a version Google Apps Sync.

You can subscribe to a Google calendar but that isn't the same as sync. You can achieve a one way sync still see Sync Google calendar with Outlook.

Sync support for Google Calender sync did end on 1 Aug.

  Woolwell 10:44 05 Aug 2014

could not cold

  Woolwell 10:58 05 Aug 2014

That is for Outlook.com not Outlook 2010. However you can sync Outlook 2010 with Outlook.com calendars and therefore once that it is set up then yo should be able to see it on an Android device. But who to sync Google calendar itself is another matter.

  SURVEY 21:03 06 Aug 2014

At present I have moved over to a google calendar on my PC and am able to sync this with my android calendar function. Its not ideal and I will investigate the outlook app.

Incidentally, annoyingly the outlook calendar is still trying to sync with google and this is becasue there is a google sync program installed on the PC. It is suggetsed that one removes this on Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel. If I do this will it only affect outlook syncing (which would remove the annoying pop-up notices saying outlook cannot sync, OR would it also stop the google calendar syncing with my android google calendar?

  RudiHartono 15:41 05 Nov 2014

I have done some researches on this problem, and found out that you can still sync outlook with google calendar using caldav from google.

you can google this "evo collaborator for outlook" or "binary webdav collaborator" or "ical4ol"

  KimdeichinHangsing 07:47 19 Nov 2014

For those having outlook gmail sync error: click here

  KimdeichinHangsing 07:50 19 Nov 2014

Sorry for above link: For those having outlook gmail sync error: click here

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