Outlook Backup Have I got it right

  david.h 15:32 16 Oct 2004

I have office XP, going to reformat. to backup my emails in outlook do i goto file-export to a my docs folder then copy to a cd.
after reinstall import from cd back to outlook.
Is this correct or is there more to it?

  bretsky 16:18 16 Oct 2004

Don't have outlook just OE6, so this link my help you click here

bretsky ;0)

  wee eddie 16:25 16 Oct 2004

If Outlook.

My PC > C drive > Windows > Outlook.pst - Copy to CD, it is everything, diary, e-mails, the lot.

  Nellie2 16:25 16 Oct 2004

there is a back up tool that you can use click here or then you could just do this click here and here is how you make a back up of your contacts click here

Okay okay.... I've been playing with the help files in my outlook! :-))

  david.h 18:36 16 Oct 2004

when i go cdrive windows cannot find outlook.pst does not get found on searching for that folder

  david.h 18:44 16 Oct 2004

just downloaded the outlook add on thanks for all for helping I will let you know if it has worked

  david.h 18:56 16 Oct 2004

i,m going mad just done the download seemed ok but can't find the folder for backup to copy to cd

  david.h 16:08 17 Oct 2004

I have now found my backup files which were hidden.
It says it will harm my pc to open them, would i have to reload outlook and open them there.

  AndySD 16:20 17 Oct 2004

If you have used the backup and the piles you have are .pst then you Import them into Outlook.

After opening outlook use File then Import.

Rember if they are saved to cd then copy them first to the PC and Right Click on the file and untick read only.

I tend to find it simpler to use the backup tool from Microsoft and password the file (remember to tick the Include Subfolders Option). Seems to create less hastle when importing.

  Danoh 17:01 23 Oct 2004

Wish I'd known about the tool, or maybe it wasn't available when I started.

I'd always kept my Outlook files in one newly created folder under "My Documents" so all data can be backed-up in one event.

I tend to move emails immediately out of the inbox and into personal "folders" for which I create ".pst" files within My Documents.

I've also automated some of this via Outlook "rules".

Recently I've gone as far as changing emails to be downloaded directly into a Personal Folder or ".pst" file, rather than the default Outlook.pst folder in

Local Settings>Application Data>Microsoft>Outlook

All I have left to do is to find the best-value incremental backup software for home-use!

  Danoh 17:08 23 Oct 2004

The Outlook software application program expects to find a file called Outlook.pst within the "hidden" or folders for system usage (as well as other files).

As long as you copy the file and do not delete it so when you next start the Outlook program, it will still be there for it, everything will be fine. If the file is not there, the Outlook program will throw a wobbly....

As AndySD says, best to just use the MS backup tool which knows exactly where to go to get the files, do a copy (and not move or delete) to a location you can designate.

I'd gone a couple of steps further by deliberately setting up new ".pst" files within "My Documents" and then pointing the Outlook program to use them instead. You might not want to do that just yet!

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