Outlook backup and compacting

  JoJoh 11:37 08 Jan 2004

Hi - I have checked my Outlook PST folder and it is approaching 75MB. I have attempted to compact it by going to properties in the Outlook today folder however it does not change the folder size. I have tried the same on all of our computers and again it does not seem to work.
Is there another way of compacting the file?

Secondly, can anyone explain how the archiving system works? If I archive files they are sent to the "My Documents folder" under archive****. When we backup Outlook,it seems to default to the same folder and file name. I am concerned that backing up will overwrite the archived files.We tend to select the "do not export duplicates" option. When Outlook is referring to this does it mean folders or individual emails? Should I set up a different folder i.e Outlook backup for the back up procedure?

Finally even though archiving reduces the size of the Outlook PST folder,I presume that it does not make more space on the hard disk as all I would be doing is moving data from one place to another. I cannot see any benefit therefore in archiving the files. I could obviously move these archived files to disk or another computer, but I don't really want to do this.

  JoJoh 11:42 08 Jan 2004

Sorry one further point. My systems are Win 98SE,Win 2000 and Win XP

  JoJoh 11:42 08 Jan 2004

Sorry one further point. My systems are Win 98SE,Win 2000 and Win XP

  Jester2K 11:44 08 Jan 2004

Compacting only works if there is space to compact. If you have almost 75 Mb of attachments then OE can't compact. Compacting just removes dead space created by deleting messages.

Try saving your attachments to Hard Drive or CD and then delete the messages and empty deleted items.

Then try and compact...

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