Outlook - auto send copy email

  Bandy 08:29 28 Mar 2007

Is it feasible to automatically send a copy of an email from one machine to another address. For example an email sent from Peter to Fred is also copied to Joe.

This is not to spy on anyone, in case you're wondering, but to keep a third individual in touch with what's happening with particular communications that are always sent from one paticular computer. All parties agree this what they wish to do.

Any incoming emails are copied automaticlly to the third party but I can't find a rule to do it on the way out.

This is on a small peer to peer network of about six computers without Exchange

  rawprawn 08:34 28 Mar 2007

Make a Distribution List in your address book with Fred and Joe listed.

  Bandy 08:59 28 Mar 2007

Thank you rawprawn

I'm not sure if I explained myself adequately. The message is to be sent from Peter to "Anyone" and copied to Joe.

The "Anyone" could literally be to anyone (all emails) from Peter's machine

In that case I don't see how the distribution list would work That's not to say it won't, just that I don't understand how.

  Woolwell 09:16 28 Mar 2007

Never tried these but they may be the solution
click here
click here

  Bandy 10:46 28 Mar 2007

Thank you Woolwell

They look as if they could well do th trick.

I'll tick the query as resolved

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