Outlook Application error

  KAI 17:54 12 Oct 2003

I run XP Home addition and have for a while now and again when closing Outlook Express been getting this error message

MS IMN Exe Application Error
Reads as " the instruction at "0x77f83907" referenced Memory at "0x009949cc" the memory could not be written.
Prees ok to carry on.

I have tried litterely everything, even MS Knowlegebase article 318378 ie uninstaled outlook express through the registry and then reloaded just tomake sure there was no corrupted file. It only does it when I go into oe and click on cancel so I can do some E mails before i send them and when I come out it gives me the message mentioned.

Hope somebody can help


  Chegs ® 18:10 12 Oct 2003

This has been done before,try a search of PCA Helproom.click here

  KAI 19:10 16 Oct 2003

Hi Chegs, Have read the posting you pionted out to me and have gone through it word for word and carried out everything that was suggested, I evan went back to the begining and started again just in case and still have had no luck.
the error message only comes up if when I open O.E. and get the Dial up Connection box and then cancell it becouse I only want to do some work and not connect to the internet, then when I close O.E. I get the message. If click work offline and come out I get the message but the next time I come out of it still with work offline still engaged I dont get it, It seems to be something to do with connection if that makes any sence.The error code never changes.


  KAI 19:20 28 Oct 2003

Hi I'm back and still have not cured the Apps error message when I exit O.E. but have found a work around for now, I found that if I tick the box go straight to in box when opening O.E. I do not get the error message.
I found this after a week of taking things off I.E Norton anti virus and a lood of other programs and still had the error message, I even went as far as using my restore discs.
I reloaded a minimum of programs and still had the fault, So i started double checking everything, still no luck. If Outlook opens with the wellcome page IE the one with the glasses and the tips and I then close I get the error message then.
If Imanage to put it right I'll let you know

  KAI 16:40 17 Dec 2003

Folloe up to the errror message as noted before, I have logged on to Outlook Express as a different identity therefore starting afresh and up to now do not get the error message as described above,why this should cure the problem I do not know but thought it might help somone with the same problem, will come back after a while and let you know if its still ok.

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