ponytail 07:46 27 Apr 2012

Whenever I am in a website and want to contact them I click on the email address but then get this message. Microsoft Office Outlook Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook OK I have Office 2007 and when I click on the outlook shortcut I get this message The fileOLMAP132 dill is incompatible with microsoft office outlook install outlook again Can someone explain what all this means all the other office programs work ok.At present I have to mke a note of the relevant email address and email them using my normal email service.

  xania 10:27 27 Apr 2012

The web site is trying to use Outlook to send the email but cannot open Outlook. I suspect that Outlook is not your normal email server and this is the problem. If not, there's lots about this problem on the web and you may find these threads helpful:





or you can simply type into your favourite search engine.

  ponytail 12:56 27 Apr 2012

Hi xania, I use hot mail for my emails and I also have gmail and yahoo but I mainly use hot mail.Is it not possible to open outlook and have that available to use as well as my other email providers.

  Terry Brown 14:23 27 Apr 2012

From a website (your choice),




Change the email settinggs to your choice.


  Sea Urchin 15:21 27 Apr 2012

If you want it to use Outlook then you must first set up Outlook with your full account details.

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