Outlook 365 Calendar Offline and Online

  Newuser939 10:13 26 Sep 2014

I have recently started using Office 365 Home Premium and am gradually getting used to it. However, one thing I cannot work out is whether it is possible to use Outlook's calendar so that entries made on my computer at home in Outlook will also be visible online for when I am away. In addition, as far as I can see, it is only possible to get email reminders from the online calendar, so that if the offline Outlook calendar is used, I will only get reminders if I happen to be at my computer at the relevant time. I had assumed that in the same way as documents created with Word or Excel are available offline and online, the same would apply to my Outlook calendar, but perhaps that is not the case. Does anybody know whether (and if so, how) I can enter appointments in Outlook on my computer, and those appointments will then show up online.

  Newuser939 08:34 27 Sep 2014


Thank you for that guidance. I think I have it all set up as I wanted now.

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