Outlook 2016 calendar losing future entries

  exdragon 11:33 14 May 2018

Hi - does anyone have any idea why my Outlook calendar should suddenly, possibly following the Windows update on 10 May, delete all future entries apart from one item which occurs weekly, a couple which span several days and some (but not all) recurring birthdays?

I have Google calendar on the phone and tablet; they sync with each other without a problem and a test entry just made on either appears in Outlook when I run Outlook Google Calendar Sync, which is what I always do. Similarly, an entry in Outlook itself appears on the phone after running the Sync. This method has worked for years, so I'm quite happy with it. It just seems to be my future which has vanished.

  exdragon 17:22 14 May 2018

The 'Find' function doesn't work either (in Calendar, email is ok), although I've rebuilt the index. If I do a system restore to before the 10 May update, does anyone know if this will repopulate my calendar?

  exdragon 08:58 15 May 2018

No takers on this one? It's so frustrating!

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