Outlook 2013 Email Problem On Two PC's

  Legslip 21:29 04 Dec 2018

I have a standard Gmail account that is setup on my desktop and laptop. Both are setup as POP3 with 'leave a copy of the message on the server'. However, the email only downloads to the first device I logon with and not subsequently to the second one. It doesn't matter which way round I do it. Can anyone advise why emails will not download to both?

  wee eddie 22:40 04 Dec 2018

Basic misunderstanding of POP3.

  Legslip 22:47 04 Dec 2018


  KEITH 1955 23:00 04 Dec 2018

put mozzila thunderbird on both pc , you can put as many email addresses on it as you want and they will download to both pc's

  wee eddie 23:04 04 Dec 2018

POP3 downloads to the computer that is turned on.

If that Computer is turned off, at the time that the email arrives on its Server, it will download to the other on its list.

The simple solution is to put a link to the Email Providers Website on the Desktop of each computer. Then its just a single click, and all your mail is at your fingertips

  difarn 23:17 04 Dec 2018

Agree about Thunderbird.

  Legslip 08:18 05 Dec 2018

Sorry, but don't want to use webmail. I like using a client so that I can access multiple email addresses. This link click here it should work. Why not?


  Secret-Squirrel 09:05 05 Dec 2018

Legslip, you'll need to make a very small tweak in both Outlooks to enable Gmail's "Recent Mode". Follow Step #1 below:

  Legslip 00:00 06 Dec 2018

Thanks Secret, Much appreciated. I think I used that solution a few years ago but forgot all about it. Thanks again and have a good Christmas!

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