Outlook 2010 very, very slow downloading emails

  Pine Man 17:31 05 Dec 2012

I am running Outlook 2010 as my email program on a PC with Windows 8 and Norton Internet Security 2013.

Normally Outlook works perfectly but every so often it will indicate that I have, for example, 3 emails to download with a combined size of, say, 34kb. It will start to download very, very slowly showing initially about 34b, which increases very slowly indeed but never ever manages to complete the download. They would normally have downloaded in a matter of seconds. My ISP is O2 and if I go to their web mail page the emails download perfectly and instantly.

I have tried disabling Norton Anti-Spam but it makes no difference.

At the moment it is working perfectly:-(

  difarn 17:44 05 Dec 2012

I came across this in an article that may help:

"Try to enable only the headers

By default, Outlook 2010 downloads both the emails and the attachments for every folder. As a result, users with mailboxes larger than 1 GB may find that Outlook takes a long time to download their messages. Previous versions of Outlook only downloaded the message headers by default. This setting was changed in Outlook 2010 to allow the program to index all content and display information about the emails and attachments each contact has sent Follow these steps to change this setting to only download the message headers to speed up Outlook:

Run Outlook 2010.
Click the Send/Receive tab.
Click Send/Receive Groups and select Define Send.Receive Groups.

This will allow you to edit settings for send/receive groups.

Select All Accounts and click Edit.
Click the Download headers for subscribed folders option.
Click OK.
Click Close.  "
  Pine Man 18:39 05 Dec 2012

Thanks for that.

I should have said I tried that as well and it loaded the headers instantly but when I tried to download the remainder of the email the same problem arose and they never fully downloaded.

  lotvic 22:54 05 Dec 2012

electronic snail mail....

  Pine Man 07:30 18 Dec 2012

Maybe it's a coincidence but I have dumped Windows 8 and gone back to 7 and haven't had the problem since.

  Pine Man 13:38 05 Feb 2013

I never did resolve this and assumed it was some sort of conflict between Outlook and Windows 8. After reverting to W7 the problem has never reared it's head since.

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