Outlook 2010 stationery create new

  Terry Brown 11:34 13 Jan 2013

I have recently upgraded to Office 2010, and are having problems with applying stationery

In particular, I would like to create my own 'backgrounds' for use as stationery.

Any Suggestions?


  Taff™ 12:09 13 Jan 2013

Tutorial for Creating Stationery in Word 2010 Is this what you are trying to do or are you trying to create something for e-mails in Outlook?


  Terry Brown 16:50 13 Jan 2013

Hi Taff

Thanks for your fast reply.

What I am trying to do is create (e.g.)a logo /picture, where I can type over it and send it as Email.

I had a look at your sugestion for Word and with the fade and bring forward /back options and I may be able to something with that.

With Office 2003 stationery templates was easy, but it seems to be missing from 2010.


  Taff™ 18:38 13 Jan 2013

Not so much missing but harder to find! I share your frustration. I'll send you a link on this forum to another tutorial. To be honest I create a template in Word and then import it to Outlook as a template or whatever they call it now, Hang fire ... Maybe tomorrow.

  Taff™ 08:15 14 Jan 2013

Now to Create Stationery in Outlook 2010 One method here. (Previously I have done the same using a Word Document)

How to Apply Stationery in Outlook 2010 For individual e-mails, replies or all e-mails

Creating the Signature can be done roughly the same way but use the Signature Tab from the same dialog box. Again I tend to produce it first in Word then copy and paste it into this dialog box. Far easier to adjust it later because I can keep the Word document separately.

  Terry Brown 11:16 18 Jan 2013

Thanks Taff

It is what I am looking for.

My other 'grudge' with office 2010 is scanning- on my old system (Office 2003), I went straight from the scanner to the word program. Simple- no problems, but because apparantly some people had problems, insteading of making a fix they removed it completly.

It is now scan to harddrive, name the file then insert into word and unless you want to keep the file, delete it ( After all I have the document I scanned in the first place)


  Taff™ 11:49 18 Jan 2013

Not quite sure I understand that one. I don't think Office ever had a scan program to import straight into Word. What I have is OCR software supplied with my printer/scanner (Abbyy Finereader) which can scan straight to Word for immediate editing. Another Epson Wireless printer can scan to an image which can the either be printed out from a JPEG for example or put into Word as an image. Indeed I can turn it into a PDF for e-mail purposes.

If I just want a copy of a document I just do that from the printer like I would use a photocopier.

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