Outlook 2010, Gmail and Mailwasher

  SURVEY 18:15 31 Dec 2011

For some reason Malwasher is retaining gmail emails that have been succesfully downloaded to Outlook 2010. When I used Windows Live Mail (and previous to that Outlook Express) once downloaded, mailwasher would remove them from its screen when next checking emails. I cannot find anywhere in Outlook 2010's Account settings where one can uncheck the usual box option to retain emails on the server. Can anyone help? This is driving me nuts!

  SURVEY 18:49 31 Dec 2011

I am also experiencing a problem with Outlook never-endingly stating that it is 'synchronising subscribed folders' with this particular gmail account. Can the two problems be linked?. I had seen somewhere a suggestion to disable the firewall and also incresae the time-outs on mail - have tried both without improvement.

  SURVEY 01:06 03 Jan 2012

For anyone else having these problems. I sorted mine as follows. To have Mailwasher remove downloaded emails, the Outlook email account must be set as a POP3 account rather than IMAP. Regarding the continual syncing, initially the first sync can take some time particularly if you have a lot of emails; I couldn't believe how long it aws taking.

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