Outlook 2007 XP not working properly

  gumnut 05:27 20 Aug 2009

My computer automatically downloaded and installed service pack 3 for windows XP this caused major problems with my system so I resored my computer to a point prior to the download and installation of the service pack. However since then outlook has not been able shift from mail to calendar, tasks to calendar or contacts to calendar it hangs with the calendar half opened and then sends me a non responsive program error. I have sent this to microsoft however it doesn't fix my problem. The error report contains this short message - EventType : officelifeboathang P1 : outlook.exe P2 : 12.0.6212.1000
P3 : ntdll.dll P4 : 5.1.2600.5755

Of course there is a bunch of data behind that. Can anyone suggest a fix, microsoft hasn't yet and there is nothing on the website of any help

  PO79 13:32 20 Aug 2009

Do you have Skype installed, if so remove the Skype toolbar. Also try shutting down skype, and trying to move from Mail to Calendar.

  Sea Urchin 14:34 20 Aug 2009

<< I have sent this to microsoft however it doesn't fix my problem. >>

You are not going to get any response from Microsoft - they are simply collecting statistics.

  gumnut 05:05 21 Aug 2009

PO79 thanks for the idea but I don't have skype so that is not the problem.
Thanks sea urchin I guess that's why these forums are so popular I didn't really expect an answer from microsoft and I still have the problem

  BRYNIT 08:02 21 Aug 2009

Could be a problem with a Add-ins click here this may help.

  gumnut 08:31 23 Aug 2009

I turned off the add-ins and that didn't help I still hang trying to open the calendar BTW I also tried repairing the pst file and it reported there was nothing wrong with it. Any more ideas? This is driving me nuts

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