Outlook 2007 very slow

  m800afc 09:25 11 Jan 2008

I have upgraded to Office 2007, because I am doing a course that requires it. I have noticed though that Outlook 2007 is painfully slow. Not only that, it seems to hog memory. I used to allow Outlook 2003 to run in the background and pick up email while I was working. This is not practical with Outlook 2007, because everything grinds to a halt when it fetches which has been as long as 25 minutes. Even opening an unrelated file folder can take a couple of minutes. Also, it seems to take forever to open up and close down, often taking 7 or 8 minutes for each. Due to the requirements of my course I cannot revert back to 2003.
I have used CCleaner, Spybot, Adaware, AVG and SpywareBlaster to check for problems and none are reported. I have checked CPU usage with the task manager, and it reports that during fetch Outlook 2007 uses up to 93%.
Does anyone have any practical ideas as to what I can do to improve Outlooks performance?
I am using XP Pro, SP2 and have 1Gb of memory. All other applications within Office 2007 work normally.

  rawprawn 09:35 11 Jan 2008

It seems you are not alone, see if this helps
click here
I run 2007 with no problems

  Terry Brown 09:37 11 Jan 2008

Is the rest of your system running at normal speed ?

Try putting the Office CD in your drive,uninstalling the Outlook 2007, reboot and then re-install it.
Save any Email you need to a separate folder-- Create a folder on your hard drive; Highlight the messages you want to keep and drag & drop (or copy) to the folder. They will then be openable as *.eml files--This should clear any problems.

  rawprawn 09:38 11 Jan 2008

If it's new is it still synchronising?

  starfish1 10:45 11 Jan 2008

I had the same problem and uninstalled Business Contact Manager, it made a tremendous difference.

  johnnyrocker 10:49 11 Jan 2008

how much memory do you have?


  m800afc 14:53 11 Jan 2008

I have deleted the files as recommended by solution 1 in your link. It has brought about a noticable increase in speed. It is still not as fast as Outlook 2003, but it is better than it was. I will have to keep my eyes peeled for a suitable update for Outlook 2007.

  rawprawn 15:02 11 Jan 2008

Did you try the suggestion from starfish1?

  rawprawn 15:11 11 Jan 2008

I have just been looking and Business Contact Manager is not on the disc as far as I can see,

  rawprawn 15:14 11 Jan 2008

I think it depends on which version of Office you have installed. Type Business Contact manager into Outlook Help and have a look there.

  m800afc 16:06 11 Jan 2008

Starfish1 and Rawprawn.
I have had a look and I do not have Business Contact Manager Installed.
I have just seen a letter in this months mag about rss feeds. I have made sure there are no feeds, and that Outlook 2007 is not trying to sync them.

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