Outlook 2007 - Send/Receive failed

  goforit 11:03 15 Mar 2008

Hi I installed Office 2007 on my XP Pro pc a month ago. I did a custom install so that I kept the 2003 Office for teaching purposes.

So far so good except that Outlook 07 took over from 03 completely. Not too fussed.

>I noticed two outlook 07 icons on my task bar but yesterday one disappeared. Outlook wouldn't launch with the other.
>Went to the start menu and lauched from there.
>The computer started installing & configuring it
>It opened with all my current emails & contacts but did not launch send/receive.
>Now when I click Send/Receive, New or Tools/Email Accounts it comes up with "Not Implemented"
>Found the Outlook exe file and opened it with that. Same thing.

Finally, I cannot at the moment receive notifications of any responses because of this problem!


Another email is:
[email protected]

  goforit 11:24 15 Mar 2008

I have thought of going to Add/Remove & Repair but my DVD drive is not currently reading DVD's and can't get that fixed till Monday!

I also have the original setup.exe file for all of Office 2007. Should I try a reinstall?



  skeletal 14:47 15 Mar 2008

I have recently done almost the same as you and am running Office 2003 and 2007 together. However, one huge difference between us was that I removed Outlook 2003 first. Then installed Outlook 2007.

The point being is that you have to remove Outlook 2003 BEFORE trying to install Outlook 2007. All the others co-exist.

I guess that the Office installer tried its best, but you now have a bit of a mix of the two, which will break it.

Try uninstalling just Outlook and trying a re-install (of Outlook). You run the risk of losing all your emails/settings, so I made backups of the PST file first (and loaded it all on to my laptop for further security!). If it installs OK and your settings have gone, you can “Import from another program or file” and point it at your backup PST.

I do have the odd glitch running both together: Word always re-initialises in both directions (i.e., running 2003 after 2007 has 2003 setting up, and vice versa).


  goforit 16:58 15 Mar 2008

Thanks Skeletal, I will try that when I have the use of a DVD drive. I do have the setup exe for the whole of Office saved in a separate folder but think I should just aim at reinstalling Outlook only.


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