Outlook 2007 search still not working ?

  Nickelback1 07:30 08 Dec 2011

I have rebuilt the index twice, index shows as fully completed, but I still cannot get the email search function to work in Outlook 2007 & I have also repaired Office 2007 install & still can't fix it ? Still getting "no matches found" when there are matches there - help please !

  northumbria61 08:50 08 Dec 2011

Possible causes - have a look here enter link description here

  Nickelback1 09:19 08 Dec 2011

Thanks, I have already tried that link & solutions to no avail ?

  Woolwell 12:10 08 Dec 2011

I assume that you have done this - Tools - Instant Search - Search Options - Ticked all of the relevant folders.

  Nickelback1 16:06 08 Dec 2011

Yup, done that & ticked all the boxes required, still no joy ?

  Woolwell 16:28 08 Dec 2011

What is your OS and have you ever had the search working?

  Nickelback1 16:31 08 Dec 2011

OS is Win 7 Pro & yes it worked originally but I can figure out what stopped it or changed ?

  Woolwell 16:54 08 Dec 2011

Does the W7 search work ok as Outlook uses this?

Are any of your search folders corrupted or have odd data in them?

  Nickelback1 18:28 08 Dec 2011

W7 search works just fine & no I can fid any odd data. I have rebuilt the .ost & .pst files just to be sure but still cant solve the issue

  Woolwell 19:21 08 Dec 2011

The clearfinder switch doesn't seem to be relevant. I'm stuck.

  Nickelback1 21:05 08 Dec 2011

That makes two of us Lol !

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