Outlook 2007 - No Sound

  User-312386 08:27 12 Jul 2008

Hi all

I have just started using outlook 2007 and i dont get any sound at all when receiving mail or RSS feeds.

I have tried everything.

I have tried Tools>Options>Other>Advanced and then ticking the box that says Provide feedback with sound.

Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.


  rawprawn 10:22 12 Jul 2008

Tools> Options> Preferences> Email Options> Advanced Email Options> Tick box Play Sound

  rawprawn 10:30 12 Jul 2008

Sorry should learn to read posts more thoroughly

  User-312386 12:45 12 Jul 2008

No problem

Anyone else got any idea?

I will try anything

  rawprawn 13:28 12 Jul 2008

You haven't set your computr sound to Mute by any chance? are you still able to play sound in other applications?

  rawprawn 13:32 12 Jul 2008

In your first post and mine, when I look closer we are talking about two different settings.
One for "Play Sound" Mine, and one for "Feeds" yours.
Are both of the two options ticked?

  Ditch999 17:53 12 Jul 2008

Tools>Rules and Alerts>Manage Alerts>New Alert>Type in the web address of the RSS feed
For Mail, there is only a sound when mail goes to your Inbox. If you have Rules set up then Change Rule in Tools>Rules and Alerts and select play a sound.

  User-312386 09:36 13 Jul 2008

Hi guys

Thanks for suggestions, they all look good

Some of my feeds have been messed up.

However, still no sound for outlook itself with e-mail

  User-312386 15:24 05 Aug 2008

Ok i have found the problem

With RSS feeds you can not create an alert if you use a hotmail account. I therefore created a pop3 account and now can create sounds and rules within feeds

Much appreciated for all your help


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