Outlook 2007 - needs password

  TN 08:05 16 Jan 2012

When I start up Outlook to download my email, I am continually asked for my user name and password although this is correctly entered in the Accounts section. I have 3 email addresses and this happens on all three. I have uninstalled the email addresses and re-installed but this hadn't made any difference. All help and suggestions appreciated

  Woolwell 11:38 16 Jan 2012

Has this just started or is a long term problem? If the former it could be that there isn't a problem a your end but at the server's. Can you access webmail?

On the more settings advanced tab you could try increasing the server time out to about 4 mins.

  Covergirl 12:24 16 Jan 2012

It could be that you've entered something incorrectly in the outgoing mail server and it checks this first and doesn't let you get any further if its incorrect. It could be something as simple as pop3.talktalk.net instead of mail.talktalk.net or a spelling error like smpt instead of smtp

If you're absolutely sure it's not that, then it could be authentication.

Whilst you're setting up your email properties, there's a "Outgoing mail requires authentication" tickbox

If you tick this it will take you into another window with email address and password.

If you enter your email address (I expect it will require the primary email address) and password in here it might then work for you.

If it still doesn't work, you've definitely got something wrong somewhere else. I know, I struggled with this for days / weeks / months before I eventually got every parameter correct and the mail came through.

  TN 14:07 16 Jan 2012

Thanks to Covergirl and Woolwell but this has only started in the last few days - there has been no change at all to my email account data and after entering the user name and password quite a few times (with the tick in box to remember it) eventually I get all my messages downloaded. It is more annoying than anything else but I just wondered what is causing this. I seem to remember quite a few years ago someone had a similar problem but cannot find the original posting.

  Woolwell 14:09 16 Jan 2012

Try increasing your server time out.

  Secret-Squirrel 15:32 16 Jan 2012

"there has been no change at all to my email account data and after entering the user name and password quite a few times (with the tick in box to remember it) eventually I get all my messages downloaded"

TN, are these BT or Tiscali/TalkTalk e-mail accounts by any chance?

  TN 16:52 16 Jan 2012

Yes they are Talk Talk accounts

  Secret-Squirrel 17:35 16 Jan 2012

"Yes they are Talk Talk accounts"

Ah, that probably explains it. There have been a lot of intermittent problems with the TalkTalk POP3 server over the past few months and the symptoms are that the user's e-mail client repeatedly prompts them for the username and password. If it's left for a while then the messages eventually come in as normal. Sadly, there's nothing you can do to fix it and you'll just have to wait until the server problem is resolved. If you're felling brave then you could get in touch with TalkTalk Support and see what they've got to say about the problem.

If you want to prove that it's not your Outlook that's playing up then configure a second e-mail client such as Outlook Express, or Windows Mail etc with one of the affected e-mail accounts. The next time you get that problem, try the other client, and if you get the same behaviour then it's almost certainly that problem with TalkTalk.

If you're ever desperate to get your e-mails then try TalkTalk's webmail as you may find that's unaffected.

  TN 07:13 17 Jan 2012

Thanks Secret-Squirrel - that explains it and also explains why it is intermittent! Problem solved and thanks to all who helped me.

  compumac 08:23 17 Jan 2012

My post http://www.techadvisor.co.uk/forums/1/helproom/4110662/microsoft-outlook--repeatedly-asked-for-password/ is similar to yours and I use BT, I extended the time out and the problem seemed to considerably lessen, although I am not confident that the timeout was the solution. It still does appear but to a far lesser degree. I have not ticked my post as resolved as I am not sure that it is yet.

  Woolwell 11:38 17 Jan 2012

The extended server time is a tip that I picked up a few years ago and is helpful if there is a poor connection due to broadband speed/traffic or server problems.

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