Outlook 2007 - Disable Image Resize?

  arezendes 22:38 05 May 2008

I've discovered an anomaly regarding Outlook 2007 and the way it handles forms created in Outlook 2003. Let me give you a quick background:

Back in the Office 2003 days, we had created several Outlook forms (*.oft files) that facilitated the need of users to include a graphic header in their emails to clients. It was determined that forms were optimal over stationery since many of the clients needed a way to switch back and forth from plain email (internal communications) to email with their header graphic (external). Forms were a better fit because they were passive and didn’t force the user to change stationery on a regular basis. They would just load the form, fill it out and sent it, then back to writing normal emails.

While Outlook 2007 handles forms in much the same way, there is one annoying trait it has that 2003 didn’t have. Outlook '07 tries to resize the image in the form when the window is resized (from the receiver's end). The dynamic resizing causes the quality of the graphic to degrade from the original sized graphic when you make the window smaller.

My question to the group is this:
Is there any way to prevent the header graphic from being resized in the form? That is the behavior I am looking to disable.

I'm using the desktop version of Outlook 2007 on my company's PC (Dell Pentium D, 3 Gigs ram, plenty of HD, etc.). I've tried editing the forms and deselecting "resize with layout" for the image but it doesn't work. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your time.

  arezendes 14:02 06 May 2008

I've discovered that the image only resizes if it's been directly imbedded into the Form. If you put the image in a fixed table it doesn't resize. Let me know if anyone has any better ideas, otherwise i'm going this route. I think Microsoft set the email marketing industry back a few years with this maneuver, but if the table keeps the size of the image, that's what I must do.

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