Outlook 2007 and BT e-mail problem

  legalrep 10:12 07 May 2010

I have outlook 2007 set as my default BT e-mail account. (I am using vista) I recently upgraded my broadband package with BT. I installed software which came with package. I have now noticed that e-mail is being delivered to my yahoo account (internet) and not outlook! But not everything! I still get some e-mail in outlook and some on my web account! Seems to be random no set pattern. Can any one advice how to ensure all e-mail is delivered to Outlook?

  rawprawn 10:28 07 May 2010

Loook at Tools> Options> Other Tab> Default Programs

  rawprawn 10:29 07 May 2010

Sorry pressed too early, make sure the Box is ticked make sure Outlook is my default

  legalrep 11:50 07 May 2010

Hi rawprawn default is selected!

  Woolwell 12:12 07 May 2010

Check account settings.

  legalrep 12:20 07 May 2010

account settings ok

  Woolwell 12:41 07 May 2010

You should see all mail on webmail and then it is downloaded to Outlook. Is all of the mail on webmail addressed as those which are coming to Outlook?

  legalrep 12:55 07 May 2010

Hi Woolwell thanks for your interest, yes all the e-mail is addressed as it should be @btinternet.com I even ran the bt broadband desktop utility that troubleshots your e-mail it showed no problems but 3 of the 4 test e-mails arrived via outlook as they should but 1 went to the webmail!

  Woolwell 13:41 07 May 2010

My understanding is that all e-mails go to the server, which can be viewed through webmail. All 4 should have been viewable through webmail if you had looked there before Outlook. The 1 that you viewed on webmail was the 1 that Outlook did not manage to download for some reason. Regret that I cannot come up with a reason at this moment.

  Sea Urchin 13:54 07 May 2010

As Woolwell says they ALL go to webmail - that's your BT server - and then you download them to Outlook. Did the one that stayed on the website have a slightly different address?

  legalrep 14:01 07 May 2010

Hi Sea Urchin, No exactly the same address! Its really stumped me there's no pattern some e-mail come in on outlook while others don't! I'm just wondering if when I loaded the BT software it has some how confused the outlook settings? But if it has way do I still get some but not other messages!

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