Outlook 2003 and red crosses

  AlanHo 07:19 10 Jun 2006

I am having problems with some Emails which Outlook 2003 asks me to right click in order to download the graphics. When I do this I sometimes get just red crosses in the various boxes.

I have found that if I open Internet Explorer, go to Tools >Options >Security and click on Reset all Zones to Default Level I can then go back to the Email message and a right click will open all the graphics.

I do understand that Outlook is trying to protect me from opening buggy messages - but it is frustrating when a known safe site cannot be viewed in full. The mystery is that after resetting IE Security to default settings I can open any number of Emails without a problem - but after I reboot my computer the problem sometime returns and I have to reset IE all over again.

Is there any way of curing this behaviour?

Windows XP Home SP2
XP Firewall
Internet Explorer 7
PC Guard Anti Virus
Outlook 2003

  [DELETED] 07:43 10 Jun 2006

Are you confirming the changes you have made to the settings?

  BRYNIT 09:24 10 Jun 2006

To allow Outlook to accept pictures in emails go to tools/options/security/change automatic download settings you can remove the tick from don't download pictures

  AlanHo 17:31 10 Jun 2006


Thanks for the info - has now done the trick.

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