Outlook 2003 problems

  Papa Goose 10:14 18 Aug 2008

Hi all,

I have Office 2003 Pro and the Outlook was working fine on my desktop runing XP for my gmail & orange.fr email accounts. I installed it onto my Vista laptop (after removing the 2007 trial stuf), and it was working ok on that machine to. I did some Office updates on Friday, and at the same time deleted MS Works off both machines as I never used it.

Outlook then stopped sending mails but woud recieve, I deleted the accounts and added them again, and after a weekend of swearing have got nowhere. I've gone over the config' from the settings no end of times and nothing on either machine. When i do the test account setting on the vista machine it ticks all the boxes and sends the test mail, but the XP machine says there is no interenet connection when there is 'coz mails are coming in?????

Could any all star out there please help as it's sending me nucking futs!! Oh and I have low techy skills so have also posted this in Absolute Beginners, as I could'nt find a computer dullard section, so please be gentle;-)


  rawprawn 10:32 18 Aug 2008

Try using "Detect & Repair" in Help. Failing that put your CD in and Repair Outlook.

  Papa Goose 11:38 18 Aug 2008

Thanks for the tip rawprawn. I tried those over the weekend and tried again just now with the same neg' result.

Is there some component of works that Outlook needs?

  rawprawn 13:45 18 Aug 2008

No, I installed Office 2007 on my computer which came preloaded with MS Works, and I had no problem when I uninstalled Works. They are two different programs.
Having said that I seem to remember that there was something about a connection between Works and Outlook if one was upgraded to the other.
Try reinstalling Works, but when I suggested System Restore I thought that you would have gone to a point before before the Updates when you had no problem with Outlook. It may also be that the update was corrupted.

  Papa Goose 14:30 18 Aug 2008

No the desktop was running Office 2000 pro, with Outlook no prob's for 3 years, and I put Office 2003 pro on it a few weeks ago and it was fine. I put it on the Vista laptop and again no probs....until Friday when both went t*t's up.

  Papa Goose 14:34 18 Aug 2008

I'm not to fussed about taking the office installation of the laptop and re-installing as I hadn't set up the folders etc. The desktop is a different story, it's got 3 years worth of folder and stored items so I'm not to keen on that.

If it was something to do wth the updates I did on Friday, how can I tell which cause the problems?

  rawprawn 14:50 18 Aug 2008

Did you try System Restore to before the updates ?
If not you can remove the updates Control panel > Programs and Features > Click on view installed updates (Left hand panel) and uninstall the ones you don't wan.

  Papa Goose 15:25 18 Aug 2008

No I didn't...what a wally!!!! I want to tackle the desktop 1st. I took off all the updates from Friday, but it didn't help. Then auto update put them all back on again.....arrgh!

The message that comes up is unable to connect to the internet, but the settings are exactly the same as the old tosh laptop (xp) and the vista laptop? It's got me totally stumped,

  rawprawn 15:48 18 Aug 2008

It could simlpy be your ISP is having a server problem, although it seems a long time for it to be down.
My understanding now is that you cannot send emails from either machine, but can receive them OK.
I must admit I am running out of ideas.

  Papa Goose 16:10 18 Aug 2008

Thanks for hanging in with me. They will intermitently via Outlook, if I go ino gmail or orange they are fine....it's something that happended on Friday, as they where both ok on Wednesday evening. When I go to send a new mail the message that comes up is: Undeliverable 554<email address> realy access denied from the gmail account, but the orange goes ok. If I reply to a mail that's come in no problems.

  rawprawn 16:27 18 Aug 2008

Who is your ISP ? also log into your email address on the web, and clear any emails in it. There may be a system log jam.

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