Outlook 2003, problem sending emails

  exdragon 21:23 28 Mar 2008

Hi, each time I open Outlook (not Outlook Express), the 'send/receive' dialogue at the bottom of the screen says it's sending 1 of 4 messages. It then stops and comes up with an error, telling me to contact my ISP.

I did this, but they ignored my question and merely told me to get the account validated by Yahoo - the messages were being sent from a sub account address. I'd already tried a test email from Outlook anyway and the Yahoo procedure said the address was ok too. I have all my emails forwarded from Yahoo to Outlook. I've since sent plenty of emails from this sub account without any problems.

It just seems as if they are stuck - any idea what the equivalent of a dose of Ex-Lax would be for Outlook? There's nothing that I can actually see to delete, and if I cancel send/receive, it simply repeats itself the next time I use it.


  exdragon 22:10 28 Mar 2008

Eric10 - there's nothing in the outbox

Jim_F - I'll have a look at that, but I never ask fpr a read receipt as people can always ignore the request!

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