Rabi 01:46 21 Oct 2005

Outlook 2003:

Anyone know how to resolve this:

Outlook 2003 Contacts has pre-named fields for the phone number records;

There is only one field for "mobile phone"; this has been okay, anytime I have a contact with 2 mobile phone numbers, I enter the 2nd as "OTHER".

But, Now I have to enter a business card of someone who has 4 business numbers (Oulook provides for only 2...), and 4 Mobile Phone Numbers.

Any suggestion? I don't want to use the other fields such as, "Company", or "Car", as these are not properlydescriptive of these numbers.


  Taff36 06:59 21 Oct 2005

I use 2002 but also used 2003 briefly. The question is do you really want to create extra fields for an exception such as this which will only be used for a few contacts? I can see the need for a second mobile field but four? How about:

1. Entering the contact twice with last name fields such as "Last Name (Home)" & Last Name (Business) or use the Company Name to differentiate between the records. 2. Enter the surplus numbers in the notes field. 3. Use the second Business and Home fields - the number will appear obvious as a mobile number.

If you really want to create more fields click here

  Rabi 11:06 21 Oct 2005


In the country I am in, this is not an exception; quite often, when a company has, say, 10 lines for phones, what you have is not one number advertised and the other 9 numbers in sequence, allowing what I think the Telecom guys call "line hunting", which allows you to call one number and have the exchange transfer it to the next available number.

Because the numbers are issued randomly, the line-hunting facility on a PABX cannot work, so you will find business cards actually with 10 seperate numbers, and none of them in sequence...

Therefore, a programme like Outlook Contacts with its pre-assigned fields cannot cater for these extra numbers easily; and the following are issues I have to contend with:

1) I don't know how to create the extra fields...

2) After I am able to create the extra fields, I would end up with, say, Business 1, Business 2, Business 3, Business, 4, etc, and many wasted fields such as the Telex, Pager, Callback, Radio, etc etc.

3) Can I rename these extra fields that I do not & never have used?

Thanks ...

  Rabi 11:17 21 Oct 2005


The link you provided doesn't seem to work; is it correct?


  Taff36 11:38 21 Oct 2005

It takes a long time to load even on my Broadband so if you are on Dial Up it`s probably timing out. Try This link click here to the main Office website. Then type "Contact Fields" (Without the quotes) into the search bar and look for the "Create Custom Fields in Outlook 2003"

  Rabi 01:22 22 Oct 2005

Thanks again, Taff36;

I tried the steps outlined in the Outlook 2003 web site, but it seems to work only when I create a new field in the "Phone list" view. In that view, I can create new fields, and delete fields I don't use.

However, when I switch to "Detailed Address List" view, the fields I created are not there, and the fields I removed are still there.

What's happening, whathave I done wrong, or is this normal with Outlook??

  Taff36 07:58 22 Oct 2005

I`ve only got access to my 2002 machine at the moment but in detailed address list go View>Current View>Customize Current View. Now select the "Fields" button and you can add / delete individual fields and adjust the order they appear. It will be something similar in 2003 I`m sure.

  Forum Editor 08:30 22 Oct 2005

because I have dealings with clients on the Indian sub-continent, and many of them have multiple mobile numbers.

1.Make sure you are in the 'Contacts' section of Outlook 2003.

2. On the 'View' menu, point to Arrange By, point to Current View, and then click Customise Current View.

3. Click Fields.

4. Click 'New Field' and enter the necessary information.

5. In Phone List view, select the new field, and then use 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' to specify the display order.

  Rabi 01:29 23 Oct 2005

Thanks, Taff36 & Forum Editor, tried it, with mixed results; this is what happened:

1)If I make the changes to Contacts>View>Arrange By>Current View>Customise>Fields>New Fields> and I am in "Phone List" view, the new field is created okay, but if I switch to "Detailed Address Card" view, the newly created field is no longer accessible or available, it simply doesn't show up when you click on the field view list.

2) If I create the new field while in "Detailed Address Card" view, Then it doesn't appear at all in any view; am I doing something wrong, am I missing something in the steps as outlined by both Forum Editor and Taff36?

Followed step-by-step, but ...

Please help!

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