Outlook 2003 Error Message (0x8004210B)

  douglas1973 19:46 24 Jul 2007

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium. As from today I have been unable to send emails from Outlook 2003. The following error message occurs when I try: "Sending reported error (0x8004210B): the operation timed out waiting for a response from the sending (SMTP) server. If you continue to receive this message contact your server administrator or ISP". The Detect and Repair utility in the Help Menu does not solve the problem, nor does disabling Norton 360. I have a dual boot system - when I send emails in Outlook 2003 from the second drive installed with Windows XP there are no problems. Please help!

  FreeCell 19:58 24 Jul 2007

Google throws up lots of prior entries on this fault code in Outlook 2003.

click here=

  douglas1973 20:13 24 Jul 2007

Have been to various forums but none of the solutions have worked or were applicable

  douglas1973 21:35 24 Jul 2007

I should mention that I also tried System Restore. I tried three different restore points and as is almost routine none of them worked. System Restore in Vista is even worse than in XP. Useless!
In addition I have just uninstalled Office 2003 and then reinstalled it - the problem is still there.
Visiting various other forums I notice that many others have reported the same problems as I have had with apparently no solution.

  douglas1973 10:59 28 Jul 2007

Well, I have finally discovered the problem after 14 hours looking for a solution in dozens of forums where I observed that many others, like me, were not getting any response to their request for a solution. Microsoft's instructions to resolve the problem did not work.

I then decided to visit BT's "Servicce Status" announcements area and found the folling:

Network problem
We are aware of a network problem which may be affecting access to the internet in certain areas. Our engineers are working to resolve the problem. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Yesterday I visited the site again and saw the following:

Windows Vista - Sending Emails from Windows Mail
We are aware of a problem where customers using Windows Vista may find that they are unable to send emails from Windows Mail. In order to fix this problem, please click on Tools, Accounts and highlight the email account in the Internet Accounts window. Click on Properties and then click on the Advanced tab. Change the outgoing SMTP port from 25 to 587. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Well, the problem also occurs in Outlook 2003. I know this because when I changed the SMTP port to 587 my problem was resolved. Why BT has omitted to mentiom Outlook 2003 I don't know. And I wonder if they have advised their customers of this fault by email? I bet they haven't!

I think you should consider advising your forum readers of the problem.

  FreeCell 17:26 28 Jul 2007

"I think you should consider advising your forum readers of the problem."

You just did!

Glad you have resolved the problem and posted the solution.

  douglas1973 18:39 28 Jul 2007

When I wrote that I think you should consider advising your forum readers of the problem I meant more prominently. Very few readers are going to see what I have written.

  lingholm 10:21 30 Jul 2007

had spent several days trying to sort this with microsoft support / norton etc. I use windows vista and outlook 2003 - my bt email account was ok but my yahoo and website email would not send out. 587 and now all working!

  FreeCell 12:28 05 Aug 2007


The forum "belongs" as much to you as to any other member and apart from Forum Editor(FE) no other member has any formal connection with PCA. Everyone tries to help with others problems as an open community.

Not sure where you think your solution could be promoted more prominently in the forum but I am sure FE would listen to any practical suggestions.

Looks like it has helped one other person already.

  Divelucaya 20:04 27 Sep 2007

This afternoon I got this error message for the first time although I had sent e-mail this morning. I came across this forum and was happy to see there might be a way to solve my problem. I changed port 25 to 587 and tried to send my mail again. No luck.

Here is the funny thing. I have 3 e-mail accounts all from the same provider. All 3 accounts are set up exactly the same with only the e-mail address and passwords being different. I tried sending out one of the e-mails in my outbox using the second account and it worked fine. I then tried sending out another e-mail in my outbox using the third account. Again, no problems. When I checked I my settings for the "bad" account, I did a test of account settings. It showed no problems and I in fact received the test message.

Hmmm, now what to do. The test message proved there was not a server problem as did the 2 e-mails I sent using the other 2 accounts. I tried shutting down Outlook 2003 and re-opening it. Still no luck. I was not about to get into re-installing Outlook. So what I did was to delete the "bad" account and then add it back. Lo and behold, the problem was resolved as I could now send e-mail from this account.

From the time I sent e-mails this morning until I ran into this problem I made no changes to my computer. I have none of the programs Microsoft blames this problem on. So what the hell happened?
Well I do not know but hopefully this thread can stay alive long enough for someone to enlighten us about this glitch. I also hope if anyone else has this problem any of the solutions presented here help, but I did see at one other forum someone with the same problem deleted and re-added their account and it did not work.

  Barbique00 00:13 27 Jun 2008

I looked all day for an answer to this dilemma. Microsoft certainly did not have one! after dwonloading several hotfixs that would not work---your solution worked instantly...I wish I would have read the forum to start with!

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