Outlook 2003 crashes regularly

  GJC 16:57 13 Jun 2005


Can anyone help with this, please - It's driving me mad!

Outlook 2003 has taken to crashing regularly, for no apparrent reason, since I applied the latest set of Office updates. I would remove them but add/remove programs says "this update cannot be removed"

I've run detect & repair on Outlook, but it hasn't made any difference.

The problems are as follows:

1. Outlook 2003 will sometimes close for no obvious reason. Looking at Task Manager, the application has gone but the Outlook.exe process continues to run for some time & has to be killed in order to restart outlook. This happens whether the PC is being used for other tasks, or has just been left for a while.

2. If I attempt to add an attachment to an e-mail, outlook will allow me to get as far as selecting the attachment but as soon as I click on [Insert] outlook closes (application & process)

3. Outlook usually (but not always) crashes if I launch Internet Explorer

For info, I am running Windows XP Home edition, Office 2003 Professional & McAfee Internet Security. All the current Windows & Office updates have been applied - the latest office updates (which can't be removed) are "MSSP3MFR 6424"; "WINWORD 6502" & "Junk e-mail filter (KB094384): OUTLFLTR" one of which seems to have caused the problem.

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance

  wee eddie 17:09 13 Jun 2005

Just a thought, as it appears to crash when you add an extra task for it to do.

  GJC 20:26 13 Jun 2005

The PC Specification is:

Pentium P-IV 1.6GHz
256MB Memory
2x HDD (40GB & 60GB)
nVidia GeForce2 MX400 64MB Graphics Card

I forgot to mention that I have also run a full virus scan (no viruses found) and Spybot (no adware found)


  GJC 11:21 16 Oct 2005

This problem is still hanging around. I'm beginning to think that my only option is to remove & reinstall outlook, but if anyone has an alternative solution I'd like to hear it!

  wee eddie 13:20 16 Oct 2005

There is a repair function there.

  Klof Ron 13:24 16 Oct 2005

What about System Restore to a date prior to the Office Updates.

Dear All,

Our IT people have failed to sort this one out - so here is a challenge ..

OUTLOOK keeps crashing when i go to send an email from my address book. As soon as I select CONTACTS and move the scroll bar to move down the list.. saying "Outlook.exe has generated errors" blah blah.

The crash is always consistent.

Interestingly, I updated to a newer more powerful PC sometime ago .. may the 2 things are related.
But the software is the same.
I can't believe I'm the only one that has seen this!!


  Splork 17:08 26 Oct 2005

Have you tried backing up or exporting your current address book and replacing it with a new empty one, to see if it's damaged...

  Haol 17:49 26 Oct 2005

if you email adresses are pop or imap enabled i would recommend totally leaving outlook and installing something more trustworthy such as Mozilla Thunderbird which can be found <a href="click here">here</a><br>
once downloaded and installed you can import you outlook account into thunderbird and everything will be ready for use.

  Haol 17:51 26 Oct 2005

sorry about the html tags, im new here and didn't know you didn't need them.

  GJC 21:41 26 Oct 2005

Hi Guys,

Sorry, I haven't had time to respond to the earlier suggestions...

1. I've tried the repair function in outlook - it doesn't make any difference.

2. I can't restore back to before the problem as I've started a PGCE (Teacher training) course since the problem started & I've got stacks of new software that I've had to install - I can't afford to loose it all.

3. My outlook problem crashes whatever screen I have up - more recently it's been crashing during an e-mail download (it usually takes 2 or 3 attempts to download the inital batch of e-mails each day). I don't get any error messages, the progam just ends (but usually leaves the Outlook process running!?!?)

I'd prefer to continuw with outlook as I'm used to it, but if I can't get a fix for this problem soon I might try thunderbird.

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