outlook 2003 back up add on

  JMTaylor 21:39 12 Feb 2005

I have downloaded this add on from MS and it asks me if i want to back up by .pst file. It then fails telling me that the file is in use? I don't know where. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but to not avail. I have XP Pro with SP2. I also use Opera as my browser and e-mail.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:05 12 Feb 2005

Do you have Outlook open?

What happens in safe-mode?

  JMTaylor 22:53 12 Feb 2005

Still fails with Outlook either open or not in normal mode. Works FINE when I boot in safe mode. Does that give any clues?
Thanks in anticipation.
John T

  Forum Editor 23:39 12 Feb 2005

in Outlook 2003.

I think that Outlook hangs onto the file for around half an hour after it's been closed. Try leaving that kind of a period before you attempt the backup and see what happens - I'll be interested in the result.

  VoG II 23:42 12 Feb 2005

I may be missing something here but I have Outlook 2003 and that add-in.

For me it simply seems to run automatically when Outlook is closed.

It will not work while Outlook is open (there was a thread about that in the mists of time).

  Forum Editor 00:03 13 Feb 2005


It won't run for me, regardless of whether Outlook is open or closed, no matter what I do, and many people have the same problem.

  VoG II 00:13 13 Feb 2005

Interesting too!

If it is relevant, I only use the E-mail facility. No scheduling or anything like that. Just a quick peek at the calendar to see what day it is.

  Forum Editor 00:29 13 Feb 2005

I was tempted to delve a little deeper, and I have found what (in my case at least) was the cause of the trouble.

I run a very handy utility called Copernic Desktop search, which creates a database of all nominated files (including emails) and presents you with a list based on keywords within seconds. It's a superb tool, and I use it constantly - it loads at startup. I have just discovered that it hangs on the Outlook .pst file, even when Outlook is closed, and so the backup tool can't access it.

Once I closed the Copernic tool the Outlook backup ran perfectly.

Perhaps you have something similar running in the background, JMTaylor?

  JMTaylor 07:56 13 Feb 2005

Thanks all for this. The problem was, indeed, Copernic search tool. Once that had gone I was away.
Appreciate everyone who has a look foe me.

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