outlook 2003

  delantero 23:37 22 May 2006

I'm running XP and outlook 2003. I have a hotmail account as my default e-mail and outlook automatically connects to retrieve any new e-mails when I open the program. I have added a Gmailaccount to outlook. I can send and receive ok but outlook does not check for new e-mails automatically like it does for hotmail. I have to do this manually through the send/receive function. Is it possible to set outlook to connect to both accounts automatically on start up. I have searched everywhere and can't find the answer!!!

  johnnyrocker 23:42 22 May 2006

is there not the facility somewhere in tools/accounts options to select 'include this account'?


  delantero 00:07 23 May 2006

thanks johnny but still no further forward.

  delantero 21:22 23 May 2006


  Ade_1 21:49 23 May 2006

Well, i use Outlook for one account but i have it set to automatically Send and Recieve Automatically. I do this by going into Tools > Options > Mail Setup (the tab) then press Send/Recieve button, then i nthe window that has opened tick the box which says SCHEDULE AN AUTOMATIC SEND/RECIEVE every (your choice) Minutes.

It should do that for all accounts. "All Accounts" under the GROUP NAME heading are selected in the white backgrounded text area.

  igr 21:49 23 May 2006

Outlook Tools/options/Mail Setup/Send/receive(tick) Press Send/receieve All Accounts Edit and add your Gmail and any other accounts to ALL Accounts with your preferred options

  delantero 22:43 23 May 2006

Thanks for the help. "SCHEDULE AN AUTOMATIC SEND/RECIEVE" as suggested by Ade_1 seems to have done the trick. Thanks igr but I had already done what you said but for some reason it didn't connect to gmail automatically.

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