Outlook 2003

  GazMaz 22:43 30 Jun 2005

OK I've had another post going and just about got that sorted, but of course it never rains but it pours, I thought I'd gone through this previously but I cannot see any posts on it so perhaps it was a previous nightmare.

OK so here we go,
After a reinstall of W2K and then a reload of Office 2003 I have outlook and I want to use my previous Outlook.pst file, I can access this file but it becomes just another Personal file with Outlook and I don't seem to be able to send/receive under this file.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to reactivate this file, I bet there's some file somewhere that I have to delete knowing Microsoft!

  GazMaz 22:49 30 Jun 2005

OK I've deleted some files and got three Personal files in outlook all containing the same info, all my previous files but still can't Send Receive

  Forum Editor 23:09 30 Jun 2005

of your mail account in the new installation of Outlook. Your old .pst file will not set up a mail account for you - it's just an archive.

  GazMaz 23:11 30 Jun 2005

So all my old accounts their passwords account details have to be reset, or just set one to be able to pull the rest?

  BRYNIT 00:17 01 Jul 2005

For future ref if you have office 2003 look in MS Office/MS Office tools/MS Office save my settings wizard, this will save all E-mail account details for Outlook but will not save password.

  Brian-336451 01:21 01 Jul 2005

I'd rename each of the 'old' files something like 'Outlook1.pst' then 'Outlook2.pst' and remember to make them writable through the attributes - if you don't you can't use them.

Then if that doesn't free up the data, import them one at a time into the 'new' setup and this should give you your data, addresses etc

  Forum Editor 01:31 01 Jul 2005

will have to be re-entered in the new Outlook installation - it doesn't take long, provided you have the username/passwords for the POP3 servers, and the server addresses for both POP and SMTP.

Bear in mind that some ISPs (BT is one) now require you to authenticate yourself to their SMTP server before you can send mail. This measure helps in the fight against spam.

  GazMaz 08:08 01 Jul 2005

Thanks everyone looks like I have to save all this information, as I know that eventually the machine will crash reinstall.
Thanks again

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