Outlook 2002 problem with Freeserve e-mail account

  Jason-284828 21:14 12 Jan 2004

I have set up Outlook 2002 for my mums freeserve e-mail account, I've gone through the set up and tested the account setting which completes with no errors. It will recieve e-mail with no problems (well it recieved e-mails I don't know if its rejected any)

The problem is when you try to send e-mails, you get a response from the System Administrator saying

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

'E-MAIL ADDRESS' on 12/01/2004 18:39
550 Administrative prohibition

I don't have a clue what it means as outlook help is no use.

I'm running XP home on NTL 600K broadband with AVAST anti-virus and Kelco firewall.

I haven't tried it on my mums WIN98 machine but will when the router I've ordered from Amazon arrives, that machines runs the same Anti-Virus and firewall.

Any help would be greatly appriciated as she thinks I know about computers as I work on them all day but dosen't understand when I explain I work on a mainframe not PC's

Thanks for any help

  Jason-284828 22:31 12 Jan 2004

The firewall is kerio not Kelco

  smegs 01:26 13 Jan 2004

Do a Google search. It looks to me as if you are useing Freeserve instead of NTL and NTL have Blacklisted Freeserve. I'm on freeserve on a BT line, I don't have any probs sending mail.

  Jester2K 08:00 13 Jan 2004

It looks like you are trying to send an e-mail from a Freeserve account whilst connected to NTL. If this is true then you can't no that. Few ISPs allow you to send e-mail from another provider on their connections. You can receive from any account on any connection so receiving Freeserve Mail on NTL is fine. But you just can't send - hence the error.

She need to connect via her own connection in order to send the mail. Other wise she'll have to use the web mail feature on Freeserve s website.

  Jason-284828 09:40 13 Jan 2004

Thats a shocking thing not allowing me to use NTL to access the freeserve account via outlook.

I don't see why they wont allow it when you can use the NTL connection to recieve e-mails into outlook and to send via the web page but not send via outlook. What difference does it make using outlook than using the web page.

  Jester2K 09:49 13 Jan 2004

Its the same with MOST ISP Mail Servers. You can receive mail from Freeserve using a connection provided by NTL but you cannot SEND Freeserve mail via an NTL Mail Server.

Probably for the reason that in order to send it you are using their Mail Server (which is different to the Web Based Mail Server) and they want to reserve it for the customers paying for the service.

Its the same with Virgin, BT, Tiscali, Freeserve, Telewest Broadband and every other ISP I've seen people try and do this with.

I say its the same with MOST ISPs because someone will probably tell us their is an ISP that allows this.

  Jester2K 09:51 13 Jan 2004

"...you cannot connect to a Freeserve Mail Server via an NTL connection and therefore cannot SEND Freeserve Mail on an NTL connection."

  Ben Avery 10:27 13 Jan 2004

Surely you can change the smtp setting in Outlook so that all NTL is doing is providing the actual connection itself?


  Jester2K 10:29 13 Jan 2004

Ben Avery - explain exactly what you would change, please.

  Ben Avery 10:38 13 Jan 2004

I've just run a test in Outlook Express. I'm on a Freeserve BB connection and set up an old (but active) NTL account on OE6.

By going into OE6's account properties you change the POP and SMTP setting to the MAIL CLIENT (In this case NLT and NOT Freeserve who provide the connection), therefore setting are as follows:

pop server = pop.ntlworld.com
smtp server = smtp.ntlworld.com

I then sent new mail to my own email address from my own domain "[email protected] benavery.co.uk" and recieved the email in seconds.

Using this principle, you should be able open Outlook and do the following:

Create a new account.

Input you Mum's Freeserve account details (Email address and password) and use the following POP and SMTP settings (I am assuming your email is a freeserve.co.uk account):

pop server = pop.freeserve.com
smtp server = smtp.freeserve.com

In theory, although NTL is providing your internet connection, the email is not going to them, it is being sent to the FREESERVE server (SMTP for outgoing, POP for incoming) and should send ok.

I haven't tested it this way around but see no reason why it shouldn't work.


  Ben Avery 10:41 13 Jan 2004

Correct me if I'm wrong though, it wouldn't be first timne and definately won't be the last!


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