OUTLOOK 2002 - not responding !

  [DELETED] 15:40 03 Sep 2003

Any Outlook experts out there ?

Running XP pro and Office XP, been using outlook for over 6 months and has been faultless!

Outlook not responding - when i try to open outlook i get the opening screen "Outlook 2002" etc. but thats as far as it goes. If i do anything else the program than shows "program not responding. The PC then freezes ! The next attempt to open Outlook prompts do i wish to open in "safemode" responding with a Yes - locks up the PC again....responding with No also locks up the PC again...On the third attempt it prompts Outlook has detected an error (or similar) message , there are no error codes and asks do i wish to "detect and repair" if i select this it goes through the motions of repairing the program, taking aprox 5 mins..... after this has completed, and i attempt to lauch Outlook the same same symptoms apply and i go through all 3 stages again.......and as yet the problem

THANKS in advance, Mac

  hssutton 15:59 03 Sep 2003

Hi mac I will be watching this thread with great interest, as I have just tried to install outlook onto XP Pro, and I have exactly the same problem.
You say Outlook's been running ok, so that rules out incompatabilty issues.

  [DELETED] 16:43 03 Sep 2003

Yes that is correct, i have been using with no problems whatsover, the only change i have made (which i forgot to mention)was to add a further hard drive! and since then it has not been working, but i cant think why this should have any effect on outlook, the old c drive remained as c drive and the new drive is now d. just moving the cdrw drive to e.

  [DELETED] 19:34 03 Sep 2003

I am not sure this will help but have you tried running 'Detect and Repair' from outlook's menu bar under help? Maybe the install of the new drive has just caused something to go awry. Unlikely but it must be worth a try.

  [DELETED] 22:27 03 Sep 2003


i can't get as far as getting the to menu's ,it locks up on the initial splash screen "outlook 2002" , but thanks anyway.

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