Outlook 2000 and Windows 7

  SURVEY 11:59 15 Dec 2011

Migrating froma XP computer to a Windows 7 laptop. Saved my Outlook 2000 data's .pst file and copied it to the laptop. Loaded Outlook 2000 to the laptop. Outlook screen does load and tried to import the .pst file but however I do this I am told that the WAB.dll fle is missing. I only use Outlook for contacts and calendar and not as my email client. I appreciate that Outlook 2000 may not be compatible with Windows 7 but would copying over the WAB file to somewhere(?) on the laptop enable all to work? If necessary, I am quite happy to buy an up to date version of Outlook but do not want to do so until I know that it will successfully import my .pst file.

  rawprawn 12:21 15 Dec 2011

I think you just need to get all the service packs for office up to date SP3 is the latest

  SURVEY 15:09 15 Dec 2011

Hi Woolwell - I do use google to some extent but Outlook used to have a nice interface and seemed professional. I have never used Outlook as an email client and maybe that is the way to go to get away from WLM which looks a mess on screen.

  robin_x 16:07 15 Dec 2011

I have Office2000 working except for Outlook.

I spent quite a while Googling the problems and gave up in the end.

Password problem as mentioned.

Only one IMAP account at a time would sort of work.

Two WAB .dlls were missing for the address book. (I did find downloads for them online somewhere and stuck them in system32 or wherever they were supposed to go)

In the end, Mozilla Thunderbird to the rescue and very happy I have been with it.

  SURVEY 16:16 15 Dec 2011

robinofloxley - I would live with WLM but maybe will look at Thunderbird, especially if its layout and simplicity is akin to Outlook Express. My main concern now is to preserve my old Outlook contacts/addresses which ater in a saved .pst file in order to ensure that at some time I will be able to import these to a useful program!

  robin_x 16:23 15 Dec 2011

Calendars in Thunderbird are Add-on/Extensions

I use Reminderfox in Firefox so can't advise further.

  SURVEY 19:25 25 Dec 2011

I have some important contacts held in my outlook 2000 .pst file, that I reckon I shall have to buy the latest Outlook for the contacts section and maybe calendar alone. I could then investigate whetehr to change from Windows Live to Outlook as my mail client.

I assume that the latest Windows 7 Outlook will easily import my .pst file? Anyone done this?

  john bunyan 19:31 25 Dec 2011
  SURVEY 13:17 30 Dec 2011

Have now loaded Office 2000. Outlook has recognised my .pst file and easily imported the contacts. I have synchronised my google calendar with the Outlook Calendar and these sunc each way very successfully.

Now I have decided that to integrate all successfully I shall move from Windows Live Mail to Outlook as my email client. The internet seems to offer various thoughts on how to move from one to the other but I trust the good advice I get from this forum, so has anyone a preferred method of doing this move? I wish to move the address book, plus all 4 email accounts and their folders plus the storage folders of older emails that all currently reside on Windows Live Mail.

  SURVEY 14:18 30 Dec 2011

Yup, I did mean 2010. Must be getting old!!

I am now finding it difficult to transfer my email addresses over. I haev exported from WLM as csv file but not sure where to import it to. At present Outlook mail has my contacts file but I now need to augmanet this with another email address folder from WLM. Any idea why it wont import?

  SURVEY 14:53 30 Dec 2011

Thanks woolwell. I have managed to transfer my email addresses.

One item. If I start typing an email address in WLM the email address is picked up after a couple of letters have been typed. With Outlook this is not happening and I am forced to go into the address book to highlight an email address! Is ther something I am missing here??

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