Outlook 2000 unable to find WAB.DLL under Vista

  Pineman100 10:42 09 Jul 2007

I'm setting up my wife's new Vista Home Premium laptop, and have just installed Outlook 2000, which she uses as her email client.

When I try to save a new Outlook Contact, I get the report "Unable to find WAB.DLL".

I've looked at Microsoft's knowledgebase article on this problem, and as far as I can see, it tells me that WAB.DLL is part of Outlook Express. And Vista has replaced Outlook Express with Windows Mail.

I've tried creating a contact within Windows Mail to see whether this would create WAB.DLL, but it didn't work.

Anyone got any ideas, please?

  Pineman100 12:01 09 Jul 2007

After a lot of Googling, I found the following piece: click here.

The solution to the "Cannot find WAB.DLL" problem suggested on that website worked for me.

Beta - many thanks for your link. It does suggest that this isn't the only Outlook 2000 problem that I'm likely to come across, so it remains to be seen whether my wife can stick with O2k as her mail client.

  Pineman100 12:45 09 Jul 2007

Everyone else probably already knows this, but just in case someone doesn't:

Having solved 2 compatibility problems in running Outlook 2000 under Vista, I've been digging a bit deeper into Vista's capabilities. And I've found that actually Vista already contains implementations of the functions that my wife previously used in Outlook on her old computer. That is, email, calendar and task reminders.

So my struggles with Outlook were actually a bit of a waste of time - I'd have been better off spending the time getting to know Vista better!

Still - you live and learn, and it's all good mental exercise!

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