Outlook 2000 and several users

  Bestselling Author 15:57 08 Feb 2004

I have XP installed on my machine and Outlook 2000. There are two users of the machine each with their own XP login. Any ideas how I set Outlook 2000 up so that whoever is logged in can only collect emails for themselves and not the other user?

  pc moron 19:12 08 Feb 2004

I'm not sure if you can have Outlook automatically load the details for each User when it's opened, I think you'll need to create a Profile for each User and then select a Profile when Outlook is started.

To create a Profile double click the Mail icon in Control Panel and select Show Profiles.

You can then Add/Modify a User's Profile by following the instructions.

Post back if you have problems.

  Bestselling Author 15:41 09 Feb 2004

Thanks for your comment pc moron. I've done that which has set up an additional inbox now for the extra user. It just would be handy though if there is a way to keep the two inboxes seperate and private from each other.

  pc moron 16:01 09 Feb 2004

You need to give each Profile its own .PST file

For example your Outlook .PST file, by default will be at

Documents And Settings/YourUserName/Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/Outlook.

When you setup a Profile for the other User make sure you also create a .PST file for them in the same location as above but under their UserName- you're given this option when you create a Profile.

What you should end up with is two totally seperate configurations and you can select the one you want by having Outlook ask for a profile when it opens.

  pc moron 16:11 09 Feb 2004

Should have added what you seem to have done is create an Indox folder for the other user but under your profile i.e. the other person's folder is in your .PST file.

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