Outlook 2000 email attachments

  wwwwwwwwww 18:02 10 Oct 2003

When I send attachments, either doc, xls, pdf, the receiver receives a dat file.
This has happened on 3 occasions, to 3 different users.

I use Win 98 2nd ed, Office 2000 and Ntl broadband.

Anyone help?

  Joanne_1 18:09 10 Oct 2003

Have you checked that the recievers have excel, word or acrobat reader installed on their machines?

  VoG II 18:12 10 Oct 2003

"MS-TNEF Encapsulation Included When Attachment Sent to Non-Exchange Recipient Listed in Global Address List

If you use Outlook 2000 to send an attached message to a contact that was copied from the Global Address List, the message exits in the Exchange Internet Mail Service encoded in a format that only Microsoft e-mail clients understand. The resulting messages received by non-Microsoft e-mail clients vary with the foreign system, but e-mail clients may see the attachments as garbled text or random filenames with a .DAT file name extension. "

Source: click here

Installing Service Pack 3 should fix it.

  wwwwwwwwww 18:20 10 Oct 2003

Joanne, yes the recipients have the software programs.

Vog, thanks for the response. I understand your answer. One of the recipients uses AOL and I know that they do not support Outlook. However I do have SP3 installed.

  davethebike 21:19 21 Oct 2003

Win XP home, Office 2000, Outlook (not Express) won't send my attachments, or if it does, those few that get them come in .dat format.

Downloaded all latest fixes and Service packs to both Office and XP.

Outlook Express will send them, but not Outlook.

No matter what files I send, Word, Excel, jpegs, zipped - none will get there, despite the file seeming to be downloaded to my ntl server (it takes longer than a plain email).


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