Outlook 07 won't download all emails from ORANGE

  ResusRUs 19:15 28 Mar 2010

Please help. I have installed Outlook 2007 onto my computer which runs Windows 7. I have set up the email account info. e.g. POP and SMTP to download emails from my orange account to Outlook. For some reason it won't download all the emails. I know that the account set up is OK because it will access orange and download some emails but it leaves some on orange. If I go to Orange site directly and resend to myself, when I press send/receive in Outlook it will then download it. It is also NOT from the same origin e.g. one minute it will download an email from ?Argos then another day it won't. I have tried to contact Orange who were very unhelpful - just sent me a link to their "how to set up the account." I can't get any help from Microsoft (without paying) so I am left with this frustrating problem. Everytime I check my emails via Outlook I have to also check orange and usually resend the few that haven't been downloaded. By the way I always clear away unused emails and junk etc so my orange email account is empty virtually - this was a suggestion from Orange. I am really not that technical so if you can help could you help me with basic IT

  mgmcc 20:23 28 Mar 2010

Try deleting your "Orange" email account in Outlook and then set it up again from scratch. This will eliminate any possible corruption in the settings and you won't lose any of your existing messages.

If the problem persists, what I would do is to try using another email program to check what messages are on the server awaiting retrieval. A useful program to do this is "Mailwasher" click here which you can also use to screen your mail for spam before downloading it with your main email program.

  Woolwell 21:11 28 Mar 2010

Outlook will only download from the Orange Inbox and not touch any in any other folders including junk/spam. Orange recommend that you check their junk from time to time to see if any e-mails that you should have received have gone there in error.

I use Outlook 2007 and Orange without any problems.

  ResusRUs 19:10 29 Mar 2010

Thank you for your help. Have deleted email account and reinstalled but still not downloading some. The emails that aren't coming down are in the INBOX. Some will come down but not all - really frustrating. I actually want Outlook Express back but can't run with Windows 7 apparently. I have had Orange account for years & years and never had this problem before with Outlook Express but old computer died. Whilst I was waiting for new computer I had Outlook 2007 installed on the kids computer and it worked fine. It is just not working on my new computer with Windows 7.

  Woolwell 19:16 29 Mar 2010

You could try creating a new profile click here

Windows Live Mail works with Windows 7 and there are other e-mail clients.

  ResusRUs 19:33 29 Mar 2010

Something is really weird. I have just installed Mailwasher and added my email account using the pop and smtp information - I am really sure that I am not being an idiot I know this information is correct because it will download some and it hasn't changed for some time. Mailwasher also won't download the 4 emails that are sitting in the INBOX either! I have gone onto Orange and marked as unread just in case it is this and then logged off. I started Mailwasher and clicked on Check Mail and it shows that it is logging on but nothing - no emails. I am sure that there is a problem with Orange but they don't want to know.

  Woolwell 20:08 29 Mar 2010

Who are these e-mails addressed to?
Just remembered that I do get e-mails left in the inbox if they are addressed to someone other than myself eg [email protected] instead of [email protected]
In the e-mail settings for the account and under log-on information just enter the username not the bit before @ and it may download all of the e-mails.

I hope that is clear.

  Woolwell 20:09 29 Mar 2010

ps is it a freeserve address?

  SURVEY 13:56 30 Mar 2010

See the other Orange posting today. It is probably not your fault - Orange end causing the problem. As I mentioned on the other posting it would be nice of Orange to acknowledge the problem is theirs and save us all the frustration of working out what is wrong! But that would entail an element of customer service of course....

  Pipdog 16:15 30 Mar 2010

For info. I am with wanadoo/orange and I realised that I had not received any emails in outlook for a couple of days. so I tried changing some settings, changed smtp.wanadoo.co.uk and pop, from wanadoo to orange. no luck, tried changing the same to orangehome, and then received a load of emails. sorted ?, well no actualy. tried sending an email from outlook to my gmail account this was received ok, so I tried replying back to my wanadoo/orange address but it does not get through. I had not made any changes to my email settings previous to this, so I guess it is orange at fault.

  Woolwell 17:22 30 Mar 2010

I'm with Orange and haven't any e-mail problems. I have used pop.orangehome.co.uk for some time and I use smtp.orange.co.uk.

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