Outllook conundrum

  dazza39 08:30 07 Jul 2003

I have WIN98SE with Outlook 6 on my PC,however i can't seem to Cut,Paste or copy things to add to my email,because these are "ghosted out"i have checked my message settings and they seem fine all the relevent boxes ticked,i sent a folder to my brother in law of some digi photos and he couldn't open it at all??,any ideas thanks.

  Jester2K II 08:39 07 Jul 2003

Cut,Paste or copy things - from where? Just Outlook or all apps??

Do i understand it correctly that Clipboard has to be installed under Win98SE.

Go to Control Panel, Add/ Remove Programs, Add Windows Components, System Tools, Check that Clipboard is ticked. If not tick it and then have your Windows CD ready.

i sent a folder to my brother in law of some digi photos and he couldn't open it at all??,

Is this a seperate issue? Did you send it abnd he can't open it after reciving it?? Or did you try and send it and it didn't send???

  dazza39 09:07 07 Jul 2003

Actually its generally all over not just Outlook,Clipboard is installed

As for the digital photos i sent them as an attachment in the Subject bar,thats the only way i could do it,when it got to him he couldn't open it at all????

  Jester2K II 09:19 07 Jul 2003

In what way could he not open them? Please be more specific!

Was there an error message?

Had the attchments disappeared?

Were the pictures corrupt?

Try uninstalling Clipboard and then reinstalling. Sounds liek something is corrupt!!

  dazza39 11:54 07 Jul 2003

I'll give Clipboard a whirl and see what happens thanks Jester,as for the photos i sent no they weren't corrupt,all the person got who i sent them to was and email with an envelope in the subject and when he opened it "nothing".Might have to re-install Windows again....

  dazza39 15:45 23 Jul 2003

Another repost still same probs,tried Jesters solution,no joy,all that appears when i send an email with an attachment the person recieves email ok but the attachment is blank when opened.
Any other ideas i could try?.

  wee eddie 21:24 23 Jul 2003

How did you include the attachments in the e-mail?

  wee eddie 21:28 23 Jul 2003

Or are you using Copy and Paste.

Click Insert > File Attachment > Click on the file you want to send > Attach

  dazza39 09:30 24 Jul 2003

wee eddie i can't use the cut and paste these are ghosted out,yes i have Outlook i do use attach file but when it gets to the other end there's nothing?

  wee eddie 12:22 24 Jul 2003

Cut & Paste is NOT how you place a picture or file in an e-mail.

Cut and Copy will be enabled when you have Highlighted text within your e-mail. Paste will be enabled if you have previously Copied Text from another source.

The body of an e-mail only contains text. If you write a letter in (say) Word. You can Copy it's text and then Paste that text into your e-mail.

  dazza39 14:50 24 Jul 2003

Thanks wee eddie i'll give the Insert option a try later and let you know.

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