Outgoing phone calls disconnect my Broadband.

  Newuser857 15:48 13 Feb 2004

I have a Freeserve broadband connection on Windows XP using an Alcatel modem. The problem I have is that every time I dial out on my phone the connection breaks and I get a message about Port 680 no dial tone. I have spoken to Freeserve who went through all the settings but the problem persists. I have changed the USB connection. Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone know of a remedy. Any advice gratefully received. Oh - both my line connection points are filtered and incoming calls are no problem

  anon1 19:02 13 Feb 2004

I take it then that you are using adsl. You point out that filters are in use but are they connected correctly. There should NOT be a filter between the phone socket and the pc. Do you get disconnected when recieving a call?

  Newuser857 20:22 13 Feb 2004

Thanks for your reply

No I don't get disconnected when I am receiving a call. The modem and the phone line are plugged into the filter and the filter is plugged into the socket. If I took the filter away I would have nothing to plug the modem into.
Th Freeserve instructions state that the filetr should be used on the socket nearest to the computer.

  johnnyrocker 20:24 13 Feb 2004

do you have any other filters to swap the main one with?


  malgall 20:26 13 Feb 2004

you are correct but all phones must be connected using a filter
no phone can be connected to phone without using a filter in my house we have 3 filter one connects a computer and phone the other two have only phones connected to them

  malgall 20:27 13 Feb 2004

that should be no phone can be connected to phone line without using a filter

  Newuser857 20:37 13 Feb 2004

The only filters I have are the ones that came with the freeserve pack I could take it that one might be faulty but not both
Thnks for all the suggestions I think at the end of the day it must be another call to freeserve technical suppport

Best Wishes to all.

  DieSse 20:41 13 Feb 2004

"The modem and the phone line are plugged into the filter"

The ADSL modem should not be going through a filter.

  Newuser857 20:46 13 Feb 2004

Further to my messages above. I had the line from the main socket to the computer socket plugged into a double. I have taken this out of the line and the problem appears to have resolved itself without any trouble for either phone or broadband connection. Please don't ask me why !!!!!!!


  anon1 11:14 14 Feb 2004

You just explained why yourself. You obviously had an unfiltered phone. If you have 3 extensions to your line then you need 3 filters ie 1 filter per extension.

  anchor 11:59 14 Feb 2004

Just as a postscript to this: If you have an ordinary 56k dial-up modem in your PC, you will need this to be connected to the phone line via a filter.

I have this arrangement to send/receive faxes, and it works even when I am connected to the web via my ADSL modem.

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