Outdoor wireless connection

  User-C785729D-3967-4C90-B3F2636949EDB2CA 10:42 16 Apr 2006

I would like to have some advice on what is needed to make a wireless connection between two buildings that are approximately 300m apart. There are some trees between the two points but it would be possible to position antennas such that there there wouldn't be any buildings between the two points. The location is in Lomé, Togo, and so wouldn't need to comply with UK regs, but the UK is probably the easiest place for me to source the equipment. I would be looking for a connection to enable file sharing and internet access but not a high speed connection. Thanks and Happy Easter

  Forum Editor 14:59 16 Apr 2006

click here although you should note that you'll need two of them - one to transmit and one to receive.

This is a high-power antenna, but nevertheless I would check with the supplier on the subject of range. It all depends on transmission speeds.

  keewaa 10:17 17 Apr 2006

Here's some more links you might find interesting :
click here
click here
click here

thanks for the responses. since my original message I also found the following website which I think is useful, for this and other aspects of wireless networking click here

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