Out of these two processors which should i go for?

  Phil930 02:21 03 Jun 2003

My motherboard operates at 266FSB and i have 512DDR PC2100 DDR Ram.

I want to upgrade my processor as a temp upgrade as they are so cheap to buy now, i have two choices that i am mulling between....

The AMD XP 2400 @2.0GHz 266FSB
The AMD XP 2600 @2.13GHz 333FSB

The price difference is minimal....and the 2600 has more power. would this be affected by only operating at an fsb of 266?

finally, my latest BIOS says support for the XP 2600 @266. I can't find this processor, only the two i stated. Bearing in mind the XP2600 was the last core before the BARTON range does this mean it will support this processor but only at an fsb of 266 or i have to hunt for the XP2600 that works only at 266fsb? i'm confused...

Many thanks!!

  AndySD 10:38 03 Jun 2003
  BillEmm 11:34 03 Jun 2003

I too have the same dilemma. My Motherboard can take XP 2600+ processors but only at 266MHz. These are no longer available and I either opt for a 2400+ at 266MHz or a 2600+ at 333MHz.
Will the latter work, given that it will not operate at 333MHz, and what might the difference in performance be?

Motherboard is an ASUS A7V333 Rev 1.02. (NB. Rev 2.0 boards can take 333MHz).

AndySD's reference only seems to give a description of the Barton processor and dosn't really answer the question - no loss of points for trying though!

All contributions greatly appreciated.

  Phil930 14:48 03 Jun 2003

any gelp anyone??

  AndySD 19:30 03 Jun 2003

It does say that the Barton core Athlon will only run with a BUS speed of 333 therfore you will need to use a 266 Athlon

  Rayuk 19:36 03 Jun 2003

You will need the 266 cpu.

If you use the 2600+333fsb it uses a multiplier of 12.5 x 166=2087 but as your board will only run at 266
it will run 12.5 x 266=1662MHz which is equivalent to AthlonXP2000+

  Rayuk 19:42 03 Jun 2003

Sorry that should have been 12.5 x 133
Computer fairs or ebay might be yoyr best bet for the 266fsb 2600+

  BillEmm 23:37 03 Jun 2003

That is quite clear.

However, as I understand it - I have the option (BIOS) to increase the multiplier to 15x which would provide something just short of 2GHz. Or, am I missing something?

Your help is much appreciated.


  Rayuk 17:16 04 Jun 2003

To alter the multipliers you would have to modify your cpu[ie put wires between certain pins]to achieve this.
Will have a look for the article later and post it if I find it again.

  Monitor Master 17:29 04 Jun 2003

Unlocking Athlon XP - REMEMBER this is dated November 24, 2001 and therefore might not work on later Athlons.


click here

Video - Shows how its done:

click here

  Rayuk 18:05 04 Jun 2003

Go click here
Wire trick is under AthlonXP Thoroughbred Core.
Also plenty of links for you to muse over

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