Out of Range Error appearing on monitor

  gxmccull 08:22 26 Jun 2005

My son's pc (AMD 1800, 128mb Geforce mx4000, 256mb ram) when loading various games an "Out of Range" error message appears on the monitor. The monitor can handle 1024x768 @85hz with ease. However 2 EA Games (including Command & Conquer - The Generals) fail to load. The latest drivers for card etc are installed as is DX9.01c. Am now very puzzled as the games just will not install. We have tried manually setting system to lesser resolutions, sizes etc but the "Out of Range" Error message continues... Any whizzes can help??

  Graham ® 08:58 26 Jun 2005

During installation, you may get an option to set the video. It may not be obvious, you have to watch out for it.

  gudgulf 12:43 26 Jun 2005

You may need to update the drivers for the monitor.......some are fine on the Windows default monitor drivers but some (like the one I use ) need specific drivers/colour profiles for them to work properly.They will still work but wont support all the resolutions and refresh rates they are capable of, so you might find the "Signal out of range" error cropping up from time to time.

It would also be worth updating the chipset drivers for your motherboard so that you have the latest AGP drivers.

  gudgulf 12:47 26 Jun 2005

Do you have any CD/DVD copying software on the pc? I am referring to things such as CloneDVD and DVD XCopy here rather than the likes of Nero.If you have then some games copy protection will detect them and not let you load or run the disc.You would normally get an error message if this happens.

  gxmccull 14:32 26 Jun 2005

Hi folks
Thanks for the comments so far. The problem is certainly confusing as other EA Games newer than C & C are working fine. I've re-checked the monitor published range and the game is certainly well within it. The Windows XP default drivers are newer than the manufacturer's listed drivers.
The pc only has standard cd copying software installed, e.g Nero.
I've now had these games installed and removed 3 times and it appears they should automatically set their own required resolution and then switch back to the normal preset when the game is switched off. (I know i'm not necessarily using the correct terminology here but I'm trying lololol)

  gudgulf 19:11 26 Jun 2005

Even though the Windows default drivers are newer than those of the monitor manufacturer I would still try them.If the Windows drivers don't fully support your monitor it wont matter if they were issued today......they still wont drive your monitor properly!.

If that doesn't sort things you could try forcing a refresh rate of 60Hz.See

click here

click here-

If that fails do you have access to another monitor.....It is possible that the one on the pc is incompatible with the game or becoming faulty.

  gxmccull 22:22 26 Jun 2005

This afternoon I've tried a brand new monitor with it and the same out of range error came up immediately, so i've discounted the monitor as the problem.
Tonight we tried to force it to the windows default of 60hz. Unfortunately that has not worked either.So I am fully stumped. Ironically it is a Shinho AV2 monitor as per some of the threads on the other site. So we tried some of the other suggestions too. What I cannot understand is EA games newer, and more graphics intensive seem to work ok on the setup.

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