'out of range' appears on some programnes

  mec13 23:23 26 Jan 2005

os is xp home,+sp2,9200 radeon card,1024memory, on 160gb hd. As you can see a fairly decent spec! My problem is that on some programnes(scrabble,hyperbowl etc)a small square appears in the middle of the screen saying 'out of range'. My son has Half Life2, Morrowind, etc, which play no problem at all. (scrabble, and hyperbowl are my wife's favourite!) This situation has caused suspicion and accusations in our home, which I have been dragged into. My Flat screen moniter is approx 18mths old, and the most refresh rate I can get is 70. Updating drivers hasn't worked, so what has gone wrong! This situation has only recently started.
ps, windows update, antivirus etc, are up to date.

  VoG II 23:28 26 Jan 2005

System Restore?

  ACOLYTE 01:50 27 Jan 2005

Double scan? i dont know if ATI cards have this option, i know Nvidea cards do,to set the double refresh rate for lower resolutions its ok if your moniter can take it, but other wise you get an out of range error,so if you have it set at 70Hz at 1024X768 then go to 640X480 it will double the refresh to 140Hz and if your monitor cant go that high you get the error.

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