Out of Office Assistant

  Scott_the_Scot 14:38 21 Aug 2003

Does anyone know were I can download the out of office asisstant for outlook 98. I can't find it on microsofts website.

  xania 16:04 21 Aug 2003

If you have Outlook 98, and NOT Outlook Express, the Out of Office assistant is part of the program, and you will find it in Tools drop down menu. I don't think any parts of this program are downloadable - they are all on the Office 98 CD.

  roygbiv 16:40 21 Aug 2003

I might be wrong, (on Office XP) right click clippit and choose options to change the animation to another chioce (you might have to load them from the Office Disc).

  oglemire 22:11 21 Aug 2003

out of office assistant is an exchange add on... if you click tools / options and then click the last tab you should see an add in manager. Exchange tasks can be added by ticking a check box. i cant tell you exactly as I do not have Outlook to hand. it wont help you much though unless you have an exchange server... the out of office assistant runs on the exchange not your mail client. . . .

  oglemire 22:42 21 Aug 2003

tools / otions /other / advanced options / add-in manager

  Scott_the_Scot 10:32 22 Aug 2003

Thanks for the advise. The add-in I needed was actualy named Emsuix.ecf which adds "Exchange Extension Commands" to my add-in Manager. I see microsoft have made their software as user friendly as possible.

  Ben Avery 10:37 22 Aug 2003

What's the procedure for Office 2000?


  Scott_the_Scot 11:01 22 Aug 2003

If you go to Tools/Options/
Select "Other" Tab
Select "Advanced Options"
Select "Add-in Manager"
If "Exchange Extension Commands" is not in the list of add-ins. Select "Install" you will see a list of files select Emsuix.ecf click "open. This should put the Exchange Extension Commands into your add-in manager and you should now have the out of office in tools

  Ben Avery 11:09 22 Aug 2003

There is no Emsuix.ecf in the add-ins!


  Scott_the_Scot 11:23 22 Aug 2003

Sorry. Microsoft (to make thing as clear as mud) changed the add-in name to outex2.ecf

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