Out of curiousity......

  Sketch 20:40 11 Sep 2003

Why do people insist on keeping address books in email retrieval programs like 'Outlook Express'?

From the viruses I've read about and their programmed route of destruction; a typical virus, worm or trojan, cannot 'breed' without access to these 'Address Book' facilities.

Is it not just as easy to make a note of addresses in a real-life note book, or even on a 'Word'/'Notepad' document?

Sure, it is not quite as convenient, but if more people had less reliance on such computer-based facilities such as in-built 'Address Books', then the user is surely helping to prevent the furthur dominance and infection of such malicicous codes.

And if a virus (etc) is chastised in such a way, then viruses (etc) would surely be far fewer and less dangerous to anonymous individuals.


At least until they find another way of pillaging your hardware, that is.


  Bapou 20:52 11 Sep 2003

I see nothing wrong with keeping an address book. Then again I make sure I never open an attachment, no matter who it's from, before scanning with AV. There's a lot of users out there who don't follow simple security procedures. MSBlast proved that.

  bremner 20:56 11 Sep 2003

Viruses like Sobig do not limit themselves to address books it will seek out e amil adresses in files with the following extensions

  Sketch 21:19 11 Sep 2003

Still, you cannot deny that it would make a valid deterrant for a minor virus' prosperity.

..... and, like I said, 'At least until they find another way of pillaging your hardware'....


  Sketch 21:22 11 Sep 2003

And there is always the humble pen and paper, if a virus starts to get clever and start to think 'outside of the box'....

For even the most potent of any virus, worm or indeed trojan, cannot read .paper files!



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