oulook express conundrum

  Blubottle 09:51 14 Apr 2008

When I try to forward an email from my default email account The "from " box selects one of my other accounts as the sender! how do I change this.

  Simsy 10:54 14 Apr 2008

it the default as far as Outlook Express is concerned?

My apologies if it already is, but to check it go to Tools>Accounts, select the "Mail" tab and then your email account will be listed, with the default indicated.

If the wrong one is set as defaul, just select the one you want to be and click the "set as Default" button.

Then "OK" your way out.

I hope this helps?



  Blubottle 09:21 15 Apr 2008

thanks simsy but i have already checked that one

  brundle 09:26 15 Apr 2008

OE forwards from the account the email was sent to regardless of defaults..is that not the case?

  Blubottle 16:41 16 Apr 2008

not in this case,,,,

  Belatucadrus 16:47 16 Apr 2008

Mine does the same, so far I've not found a solution.

  DieSse 16:52 16 Apr 2008

You click on the arrow at the end of the "From" line and select the account you want to send from.

Left to itself it will choose the account that the mail was received by.

  Belatucadrus 17:31 16 Apr 2008

"Left to itself it will choose the account that the mail was received by."

I think we know what it should do, the point is that for some of us, it doesn't. I've got two Freeserve addresses and one Lineone account on OE, the Lineone address when forwarded shows the correct address in the From box, but the default account is one of the Freeserve ones and forwarding a message on this account invariably puts a secondary e-mail address in the From box. True it's easy enough to correct, but you do need to be aware of this foible.
Suggestions as to a more permanent fix welcome.

  DieSse 18:06 16 Apr 2008

In the Account properties, what are you putting in the "email address" and "reply address" lines?

What, if anything, are you putting in the outgoing mail server settings for each account?

  Blubottle 08:53 17 Apr 2008

I will elaborate more. I have 4 email addresses,two are mine, two are my daughters all are managed by OE.
when a received email to the main default identity. is forwarded the "from" box always defaults to my daughters account, obviously I would change it to my email address before forwarding but why should I have to. The default email has been set to my main account within the "Internet accounts" option. I cannot work out why this is happening

  DieSse 09:53 17 Apr 2008

The problem with outgoing (SMTP) mail servers is that you "should" use either the one that your ISP supplies, or an explicit third party server that you have contracted to.

In fact some ISPs actually prohibit you from using different SMTP servers.

The SMTP server that any account uses can also be influenced by the SMTP settings that you specify in the account properties.

Many people do not ever specify SMTP settings, as then the same settings as the incoming POP3 server are used. That's fine for single account working, even when the "My account requires authorisation" box is ticked.

If you have multiple accounts, you should try explicitly setting the SMTP server to use as the ISPs SMTP sever - hence my question above.

I actually use Thunderbird (so I can't easily test my suggestion) - in Thunderbird you specify SMTP settings seperately and differently. My emails ALWAYS use the default SMTP serever that I've specified. Though in the "From" box it may say different accounts that are being sent from, as per my default account for new emails, or the incoming account in respect of replies and forwards.

In other words Thunderbird gets the identities accounts) correct - but always uses the same specified SMTP server.

I suspect (but as above can't test) that OE would do the same if you change the SMTP settings as I suggest.

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