Oulook Express Blocked Senders

  Woodlane 09:26 13 Nov 2007

I have been adding the senders of any spam received to the blocked senders list in Outlook Express. The list had grown to over 200.
All of a sudden they were no longer there, so I assumed that I had mistakenly clicked to delete them. However I now find that this cannot be the reason as the names I add only stay on the list for the day I do it.
Is there an answer to why things have changed and how can I revert to the former position?

  Graham. 09:31 13 Nov 2007

I think there is a limit to the number of entries in OE folders.

  p;3 09:36 13 Nov 2007

this may not be the answer you seek but why not use/try mailwasher instead?
click here and it is free
it is very easily programable and you can delete from server any mails you do not want; NOTHING though will stop the spam from being sent to you

you do know NOT to bounce mails nor to click on the ' unsubscribe' tab ?

  Woodlane 09:37 13 Nov 2007

I had thought that might be the case but now the additions I make only stay on the list for that day. When I open up the following day the list is empty, so the number overall as suggested cannot be the reason. In any case I would expect that some kind of warning would have come up if the list had been approaching a limit.

  lotvic 09:54 13 Nov 2007

sounds as if the registry key for the OE Blocked Senders has become corrupt
here's how to fix it click here

  valskin 16:01 10 Jul 2008

I also have probs with spam (who doesn't) Interested in mailwash, but how does it sort the genuine mail from the spam? - Sorry if its obvious!

  Woodlane 17:39 10 Jul 2008

Since I started this off I have changed my computer and ISP and now use Googlemail. Since I started about 7 months ago I have had no problem with spam (touch wood), which is a relief. Googlemail has identified about four messages as spam which were not, but better safe than sorry.

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